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  1. I wanted to add that I've seen this issue as well: Many items fall easily through the floor on the first floor of the warehouse in Hibernia Processing, specifically between the fire barrel and the workbench (zone: Desolation Point). Some items are partially visible (as in nicko's screen shot) and some are not visible at all and can only be identified by hovering the cursor over the spot they disappeared.
  2. I second this suggestion! Female deer still seem to be missing from this apocalypse.
  3. Yep. My bear also lived to maul me another day.
  4. I've also seen crows fly through the ice on a frozen lake/ocean. I heard them, and looked around, but realized they were under my feet. I saw the tops of the wings flapping up and down just above the surface of the ice, but the body was not visible. Hella weird. If I was quicker and more clever, I would have capped a screenshot or video.
  5. This happened to me as well. I was in Desolation Point, on the road near the Warehouse. Windows 10, via Steam. I shot a bear twice and after it mauled me, I got up and looked around. I did not have the rifle equipped, it was no longer in my inventory, and I could not find it on the ground. Like ernestww, I may have been actively aiming at the time I was attacked. This happened quite some time ago, so my logs may not be useful. If you'd like them anyway just let me know.
  6. This happened to me, too! I was attacked by wolves right outside my door, and when I turned around to go back inside and run away, I could not interact with the door. I thought maybe I'd had both my hands so severely mauled I couldn't even open a door anymore. I died of shock and blood loss, alone and confused.
  7. --Allow First Aid related items to open the First Aid menu. --Make the icons for reishi, rose hip, and herbal tea more distinguishable. An idea would be an icon on the cup, or vastly different colored cups. Right now it's hard for me to tell what I need to collect from the First Aid menu. --Allow fire related items in inventory to open the Start a Fire menu. --Allow eating from the cook/fire menu. When I've just cooked something, it would be great to eat it right away. --Show thirst/hunger status from food inventory menu. This would help me make decisions on whether I should eat that moldy beef jerky now or save it for when I'm really desperate. --When an animal has already been harvested by the player, make it appear different than one that hasn’t. I've had to leave behind rabbit carcasses with hides and just take the meat and guts, and when I come back to catch more rabbits I can't tell which are the fresh ones by looking. #CanadaApocalypseProblems I'm really enjoying this game, so thanks for your hard work!