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  1. Dude! That worked! I`m using an Asus Xonar D2X and there was no new version of the driver. Nevertheless I reinstalled the driver and this solved the problem. So it seems that it is not only related to realtek soundcards. If it might help you, I can send you the dxdiag files (before and after reinstalling the driver). Thank you man!
  2. That`s it? No more info needed and no more idears?
  3. Up to now for me and my system it`s not: CPU or HDD/SSD load/peaks recording old drivers slow PC dx11/dx9 other games are running without problems (The Witcher 3, Dishonored 2, CS:GO, ... ) The game was reinstalled completely and is up to date. I played TLD for like 60 hours without problems. I can`t remember the version but, if the version of the game is relevant, there were no "challenges" or improvised tools/ weapons and it was not possible to craft arrow heads. Now, some month later, there is this issue and the game is unplayable. :-( Anything else that can help you to identify or (in the best case) fix the problem?
  4. Plus, this want help us with the problem. So don`t let us talk about who did what or not. Let`s stick to the problem.
  5. ok, that`s noch satisfying but let`s try to focus on a solution. Any further idears?
  6. For me its is just tld. All other Games are running smooth.
  7. My SSD usage is like 5% and the overall CPU load is like 20-40% with no peaks. I never recorded while playing. So I don t think, that thats the problem for me or t Khrist.
  8. I tried to stop as many background applications as possible but it's still lagging. :-/ Moreover all other games are running without any problems.
  9. I got the same issue. Does somebody know a fix? :-/ It happens already when the Hinterlands Gamelogo shows up and in the Startmenü. verified the gamefiles with Steam reinstalled the game twice (the second time on my SSD) Updated the drivers started with dx9 restarted steam rebooted my PC deleted my old gamefiles My PC: i5-4460 Geforce 960 8 GB RAM Win10 and so on ..