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  1. So I did a post like this a few years back after i did another post about issue's with a very certain DOOR, where i mentioned a few cool things id like to see in the game like (readable news papers that would maybe flesh out what happen during the great breakdown of the current area or stories about things going on in different areas of the game that would more greatly explain open the story) (signs for DOORS that lock you outside when you walk through them) So now i started a another one here where people & I can throw Ideas around, a few i have already would be (Giving players the ability to sleep in the back seats of cars with maybe the negative being resting is harder to obtain or doesn't add as much rest to gauges as sleeping in a bed would) (Draining Cars-trucks & other vehicular objects for there fuel for maybe a emergency lamp fuel source that maybe burns faster then normal lamp oil but also starts fires faster then lamp oil does at the cost of using more then you would with say accelerant to start said fire) (also more variety to food source's like maybe adding things like combinable/cookable Ingredients to add to other foods to enhance them like a cup of coffee & can of creamer would make morning coffee that gives a Extra bonus to the normal stats of just coffee but with the negative of going rancid quicker due to the dairy now in it to balance it out gameplay wise, or maybe ingredients that are inedible by themselves but when combined make unique foods like bread that would be flour useless by itself but when combined with water & a oven/stove makes bread loafs or dry rice, water & a Recycled Can makes hydrated rice that could be combined with a can of beans for the rice and beans) (glass shard as a weapon, maybe pick up a empty bottle on your travels & throw it on the ground "the lonely island music starts playing" & now you have a working make shift weapon that you can use once you combine it with a cloth or without it for a injury chance that cause's a rebound cut to yourself in a fight without it) this what i've come up with after looking at some things in the game so far, i haven't been playing a tun though so maybe i will throw in a few more things later in the thread to add to what i have here. What are some features ideas you all have though?
  2. yah still crashing when leaving buildings in wintermute chapter 1 town after updating & removing/reinstalling the long dark. hope this get's fixed soon because I'm kinda going to hault my progress until it's ironed out so i don't have to start over again.
  3. I don't know what's worse, or Deadlier, the crashing when I leave builds that kicks you 3-4 house's back or the 3-4 wolfs that can smell me from cross a farm when I don't even have food/meat/blood/fear in/on me in funking blizzard!!! AND I CAN'T EVEN HIT THEM WITH ROCK'S!!! story mode, why do u hate me so.
  4. Merging to two would be cool, to combine the ideas as there both pretty cool, info on walls and in books & in a % of news papers ps:hopefully that's better now.
  5. Posted something in the lines of this here, it's the reply at the end
  6. Just noticed that as well, maybe it's a bug when the ammo moves from storage to the rifle then since it's exactly 0.20kg that's gained in weight so it's not registering that the ammo was moved to the rifle and that's why I gain the extra weight until I sleep/re-load in the game. Shouldn't be doing that though, since it's just the same weight your already holding just put in a rifle. That's like holding a piece of food in your pocket and taking it out to eat it & it gains 0.20kg lol
  7. If it was that why would it increase the weight over all? The bullets are still in the gun when you put it away so the weight shouldn't go up even if the bullets are being moved to said rifle. And the weight stays there adding up until you sleep or save/reload again, making your rifle like a penalty weapon for even taking it out.
  8. I've noticed this a few times now that I've gotten a rifle but put it off as just me not remembering what I picked up before the bug would occur. I've taken the liberty of recording the bug in action for your viewing pleasure here\/ I've noticed that it usually only happens once you have had your weapon stored for longer then 10 hours of sleep or in most cases after a load in. This weight is usually in the form of a item being duplicated at random, sometime cloths, sometimes food & sometimes it's nothing at all and the weight is just there for no reason that I can spot. The weight doesn't disappear when I put the rifle away, only when I break/eat/use the item it spawned like a picked up item to loose said weight.
  9. Maybe ever time you pick up a news paper's a % of them would give you the option to read into a story about the days leading up to the current time frame of the game, talking about things like housing markets crashing or crime investigators finding this or that or maybe news about some of the areas in the game shutting down for this/that reason, like mines not being profitable because they can't move supplies efficiently due to the constant downing of trees/rock slides & blizzards in the area or how snow storms are bringing the price of owning a home in the religion down & maintenance up or how the wildlife has become deadly in this or that area driving people away, or finally like political news about countries having resource issues or how the area was suffering some how before the events of TLD took place. It would something fun to look out for when picking up random supplies, like gun books would give gun tips like " aim in front of a target instead of following it to get a better shot " or in a survival book " have your supplies ready before starting a fire so your not rushing around wasting precious calories and putting yourself in danger for a stick " js
  10. Unique arrow heads/knife grips maybe from there long/thick antlers, there aggression and strength & them being territorial during mating season could make a unarmed encounter with them worse then a bear attack because they don't back down & will follow there assailant.
  11. An audio cue or maybe dialogue like @Packet802 said would be cool, though Glitch or not didn't matter to me as I made the choice willingly to get locked out because I wanted to explore the river area so it wasn't a big deal to me after 38d's under my belt ( when I was playing my trial I was freaking out and had to reload my last save thought ) Thanks again for the clarification, again. I'll continue to report on issues as I find them.
  12. Annoying but I guess I get the realism, adding a sigh to said door even if it's maybe weatherd would be nice though next time there's a one way door.
  13. I'm not worried wether or not I can get back into the building through a another door 3 days away, the door that strands me out on top of a hydro plant with no other door to re-enter said building from said location is more of my concern. And thank you for the welcome.
  14. Why would you make a one way door in a survival game?? Not only does that hinder the players leaving said building if the supplies where left in there, but it's a complete waste of time. & I know I'm not locked out completely since the front door still works, I just need to get back to it as stated above.