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  1. I guess the solution is just to get stranded in the canadian outback and see what reality really feels like.
  2. Totally. Plus i keep comparing it to cataclysm dda in which, as i mentioned to someone recently, I can grow my own corn, pop it, then wield it as a weapon. And of course also wear a blanket. Crafted from curtains.
  3. Yea but it's totally not intuitive. This is life or death, people.
  4. Yea we can cut up curtains now, how hard is it to make rugs interactive.
  5. Makes sense doesn't it? While i'm fishing i should be able to wrap myself in it and gain that 7 degrees.
  6. Additionally, I can trigger the crash whenever I want just by hitting F10! Gives a similar stack trace in the crash logs.
  7. Any clues? I'm homeschooled so i've got a lot of free time.....
  8. I have a 1/4 gallon of lamp oil in the lantern, but am unable to use the oil for crafting. I need 7 oz so it says for a torch, and 1/4 gallon is about 32 oz. This is life or death, people.
  9. One of the cracked versions that are on the torrent sites, yes. Because 99% of the games I play, I stop after an hour and never play again. I'm running it on Low at the moment, around 1024x900 or whatever the 16:9 is.
  10. Given that it's already soaked in a flammable liquid.
  11. The game crashes to the desktop, usually between 10-30 minutes after starting. This has been happening for 3-4 versions now, including the current 393. Seems to happen only when loading up a new scene, going outside from a building for example. It's extremely frustrating. output_log.txt gives this subtle clue: Could not allocate memory: System out of memory! Trying to allocate: 1734693499B with 16 alignment. MemoryLabel: TempOverflow Tried: - Forcing dx9, same issue. Crashes with dx11 or dx9. My card doesnt support 11 so im assuming it defaults to 9. - Lowering resolution and quality to reduce memory usage? Could try lowering more. - Verified files through steam - Checked DX files - Got the recommended C++ redist package Question! I downloaded a couple "try before you buy" versions, before I purchased on Steam. Could that be interfering somehow? Specs: WIN XP, 3.25 gb ram, NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT w/ 512 ram I've attached the most recent crash. crash.dmp error.log output_log.txt