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  1. Technically, every frame-rate issue is a performance issue I´m playing on a crappy laptop, therefore any small imperfection in the game´s code has a way bigger impact on me than it has on you guys, at least performance wise That´s what I meant by my comparison to Minecraft. @tentacles Minecraft handles its items by grouping physically adjacent items into "Stacks". Some info nobody cares about: The models of those stacks are literally just a few single item models stacked on top of each other (with slight offset to make it look nicer). Every item in MC has a radius which is periodically scanned for other items or stacks of the same kind. If such an item or stack is discovered, the item has a 50% chance of imposing its coordinates onto the other item and a 50% chance of joining the other item on its location. Obviously items join stacks and stacks join bigger stacks. Therefore if you had a stack of 5bil Cattail-Heads in the corner of a room, you could drop more next to it and not worry about alignment. I think this picture demonstrates the idea nicely: Notice the entity counter on the left. I´m the type of person that *cant* walk by unharvested Cattails, even with 49.9kg on my back. As a result I have kilos of those damned things. Remember the mountaineer´s hut? Would you have been able to spare 2kg of storage there? Also, I think tentacles summed it up nicely. Containers are a kind of resource because the weight they can hold is limited. A rubbish bin needs to have unlimited storing capabilities, otherwise it´s just another container (and not really useful for dealing with 5bil Cattail-Heads). Unlimited storing is kind of OP though, so the bin would *have* to delete items. Define "livable". I like the mountaineers hut and I adore the supply-caches. There already is a discussion about storing meat, this is a topic since meat exists in the game. I hate storing meat outside when I´m anywhere but the Mountaineer´s hut, simply because of the loading times (again, shitty laptop). Fridges would be nice, just take a wood box, isolate it with cardboard and cloth, put a snow-filled plastic bag inside and periodically replace. Or use the already existing fridges.
  2. Don´t tell me you wouldn´t walk into a lava pit at some point, either accidentally or on purpose. Remember the brittle ice in Coastal Highway? They changed it from instantly killing you to just giving you severe hypothermia, just because instant kills are always unfair. Lava just giving you severe burns is not nearly as realistic as pulling yourself onto an ice sheet.
  3. Subjectively, the longer I have stayed in any given location and the more Items I have placed on the floor (sometimes a lot, because what are you going to do with 10kg of tinder and cat tail heads?), the lower my frame rate got. In the Quonset Gas Station it got so bad that I started storing my Items in other houses, even though I had enough space. I had a dedicated drying hut for crying out loud. Another option would be craftable containers and usable/movable crates.Furthermore dropping stacks of items would be nice for firewood and such, similar to how Minecraft handles dropped items.
  4. That escalated quickly. "I no longer need these items... THROW THEM INTO LAVA! HAHAHAHAHA!" Realistically, adding lava would be unfair to the player, since it would instantly kill you. Also, where would these lava lakes be? Most maps are finished and I don´t want to walk 3 weeks to throw away my used sewing kit.
  5. The only thing that really annoys me is the directional system. It´s bloody impossible to tell if crows are in front or behind you. On the summit of TWM for example there are always a few bodies and it sounds like there are crows everywhere.
  6. First off for the non-climbers like me: A hitch is a knot used to attach a rope to a fixed object. Throughout the game there are numerous climbing spots where the character can climb up or down a cliff using a rope. The way ropes work means that the character can´t use the rope of the cliff they just descended. This is meant to avoid the player being stuck somewhere without the ability to get back up. The issue is: The player can still get stuck by simply walking down cliffs. I actually use that strategy a lot, it is particularly helpful in traversing TWM. Because of this, I think a more realistic approach to climbing would be nice. Real life mountaineers don´t leave their ropes on the mountain, those things are expensive. Instead they use either release-hitches (the climber ties the knot in the middle of the rope and takes both ends down to the bottom. One end is used for holding the weight of the climber, the other one releases the knot if pulled) or hitches that only hold while under stress (I could not find information on them online, but I have seen some in real life. Basically the climber just has to shake the rope a bit in order to release the knot). Both of those allow the user to retrieve the used rope without hassle .I think if a player can make the decision to take a rope and walk down a mountain with it, they should also be able to climb down the rope and still take it with them. Maybe this can be combined with a new climbing mechanic that may or may not be coming, maybe additional knots could be part of the skill system for that mechanic. As always Ideas, critiques and trivia are very welcome! I will add any important information to the original post in order to improve accessibility (no one wants to scroll through 20 comments quoting the full original just to say "agreed +") so feel free to post as much as you want.
  7. @vancopower First off I don´t know about the workshop yet. If it should contain game changing mods or only texpacks and translations. We´ll have to see if the community is even big enough to support an active modding community once we are out of alpha. Starting fire without Tinder has three reasons. One: It makes it possible to survive a surprise blizzard, even if you are away from shelter and don´t have any firewood or tinder. You can just collect a few sticks and start a fire. No 10min for harvesting a stick required. Two: Without this the fire-starting skill would either be really weak on lower levels or not have a point on higher levels. In case you didn´t know: The skills tick up exponentially, the amount of required skill points about doubles with every level. Three: It´s actually realistic. With a bit of training you can start a fire with just a piece of firewood. It´s slow, but so is the process of starting fires in the game. With a time scaling of x12 I think the time the character needs is actually realistic.
  8. I really like the idea! Although it´s not as useful for climbing down ledges (I always manage that regardless of weight), tying the backpack to the end of the rope to pull it up after climbing up is genius! Rambling incoming: I don´t know about balancing, since climbing with a lot of equipment is made difficult and dangerous on purpose. Maybe this could be balanced by a chance of the backpack falling, but that on the other hand sounds really rage inducing since you´d have no impact on that happening or not. Most people would probably just drop a few things, carry the rest up, drop that and then climb down again in order to avoid the risk, which would make the whole thing pointless again. Maybe the chance of the pack dropping could scale with weight. But then you´d need a second bag or pack. I don´t know if you should be able to craft a backpack, it would be interesting to have multiple different packs for different occasions (hunting, traveling, a light one for scouting). Also I think the Inventory of the player is ment as a combination of all storage available, like carrying ropes and weapons over the shoulder, putting knifes and hatchets in easily available pockets and things like this. I don´t like the idea of splitting the inventory or changing its size depending on clothing or backpack, so that could be a bad idea. I don´t know.
  9. I´m aware that destroying items is unrealistic. But so is 0% quality items disappearing once stored in containers. I have a bunch of items (primarily Tinder) I no longer need, but I don´t want to store them in some container where they take up space and I don´t want to drop them somewhere where they take up memory and processing power. I think it should be possible to either bury items in the snow or burn them in a fire. Of course, the option to do that would have to be difficult to access to avoid accidentally destroying things.
  10. @vancpower I thought you would post something like this XD we know what a pellet looks like
  11. Firestarting Level 3 enables the player to start a fire without tinder. Because of this, cat tail heads, newspapers and tinder plugs become completely useless. I think it should at least be possible to burn them, getting a few minutes and degrees out of them, but maybe they can be used for something else. Ideas so far include: Tinder could improve the chances of starting a fire (@CalNieDaGtarGuy) Tinder could be used to start fires (Firepiston) (@Rolandtigerfish) Tinder could be compressed into Firelogs or Pellets (@Seshins @vancopower) Firepiston Pellet Compressor [Note: Could a moderator or other official tell me if I should include the results of the discussion in the original post or not? Thanks]
  12. Implementing "drunkenness" is really difficult. You have to slowly reduce vision and hinder movement without it being game breaking or ugly. Alcohol doens´t warm you up. Yes, you feel warm. But how the character feels doesn´t matter when it´s a life or death situation. Additional afflictions are already being discussed elswhere Combining topics like this makes it really hard to have a discussion and for the mods to find repeating topics.
  13. If you fell a tree you also have to dry the wood. This takes (according to wiki-how) about 6 months. 183 days. And you can´t store it outside since it´s way too cold and moist. Assume you reach your future base at 20 days and immediately fell a tree (which would be insanely hard this early in the game). You would get your firewood at day 200. Just... no.
  14. What you are sawing open is (I assume) the padlock. Take a locker and try to open it with a hammer or saw. It´s bloody hard. I would rather punch holes into it with a hatchet.