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  1. 12. you can be overburdened while moving stuff to climbing rope, you just cant while climbing 13. water is easy to get, dont take it 14. use all lamp oil to train firestarter skill before you move out, leave all tinder 15. harvest oil lamps, i cant remember when i needed more than 2 16. if you want to move some clothes and not harvest them, repair them instead
  2. 1. leave all meat behind, it decays too fast, fish too 2. harvest unneccesary clothes and boots, materials weight less 3. prepare rose hips and reishi mushrooms as prepared weight less, do not prepare old man's beard wound dressings, they weight more than materials 4. leave all unnecessary deer pelts, rabbit pelts, guts etc. it's very easy to get them on other locations 5. split stuff in few piles which can be taken to climbing rope in 1 run 6. take 1 pile of stuff and leave it at climbing rope in PV 7. repeat p.6 until there is no stuff you want to take 8. you dont need food when you are moving stuff and only basic clothes are enough 9. when you move everything to climbing rope, start moving it down 10. when you get tired drink coffe or sleep in bedroll in destroyed hut next to climbing rope 11. some wood might be needed to survive sudden blizzard
  3. You can easily get 30kg (40 kg with 2 moose-hide satchels), how much stuff you want to carry from TWM?
  4. Hello Recently we got custom mode option which allows us to customize certain variables in game. My question is: what does mean "Empty Container Chance"? It is described as "Chance of container being empty" and there is "NONE" value available. When i set this to "none" there are still containers that i found empty: lockers, kitchen cabinets, drawers, file cabinets, car trunks and others. So is there a bug with loot on custom mode or "none "mean low chance instead of zero chance, or maybe container is something different?
  5. Windows 10 There was a wolf running towards me, i took rifle and aimed at him. In last moment before the attack i shot and sudenly screen froze. I saw game view but couldn't move or take any action. Sound was playing in background, wolf were injured and running away, at least it sounded like that. I've heard environment sounds all the time. I couldn't replicate this bug, either i was shooting too early or wolf attacked me before shot. It look like race condition. Output log as attachement.