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  1. "On account of that, the game has no pans yet. How will you make those? Cook em on the rock directly? (not saying I would be against it...)" Actually the game does have frying pans. And they are the same movable color the pots were pre new cooking mechanics. Just some instant pancakes that cost water is all im askin for.
  2. That was kind of the basic idea; more end game help than early and for indoor use since the magnifier glass only works outside when sunny. I like the idea of it being level difficulty locked. It just feels that once you hit level 5 in all your abilities you should get some reprieve from doing so aside from the micro bonuses (not including fishing bc thats perfect where it is). Flint and steel is real world extremely harder than a fire piston. A fire piston (made for deep woods or arctic survival) is extremely simple to use. Just a little bit of char-cloth and 2-3 pushes down on the piston and you have your ember to start flame. Where flint knapping is quite a bit harder to earn the ember; often taking anywhere from 10-20 blows for someone familiar with it to never being able to catch an ember for the novice. Using a spark-able rock for a pro would take 40-60 blows to catch a viable ember and i doubt a novice could get more than a spark or two no matter how long they tried. The metal arrow heads do degrade as they are used add to that there is a fairly short supply of birch to use for arrows. Bone arrow heads are extremely easy to make. You boil a raw bone until it gets "loose" and then cut it into triangle shapes and let it set near heat for about 2-3 hrs and cure it for a day. It would deal less damage than a metal one and be less durable. But crafting it would be "easier" than metal early game. ***Playing this game as long as I have I understand why its not really needed or necessary but it would be nice to add a little more crafting variety. Where on the "beach" does one find wash up anyway? All Ive ever found is weak ice.
  3. I agree with the quoted content. ++items would be nice at the forge. it would keep from having to make like 20 at a time.
  4. So mega win we are getting the Rabbit Hat in the upcoming patch according to LMG (youtuber); and also sort of implied with some of the newer images about the upcoming update. There may also be other things added; Personally Im crossing my fingers for a fire piston and possibly the bone or stone arrow heads. Lets face it sometimes Interloper does not want to cough up items when you are desperate. Im holding out that at some point in the story line; now that they have new animaters that we will get more wildlife; foxes, squirrels, possibly some new fish. The game defiantly has aged well since Ive been playing it.
  5. Foxes are a must though. Great idea
  6. So with there being pictures in almost every house showing the love Canadians have for pancakes; shouldnt there be instant pancake mix? Anyone with me?
  7. Oh. here i was thinking it may have been early tests for the upcoming stuff. Hat you will be mine
  8. Two words shoe cobbler. It's a nicehe profession but yeah it can be done and figured out by the amateur. It's not easy... But is possible. Remaking rubber soles is a pain...
  9. Anyone hear of the next update/hotfix eta?
  10. Please add eating to the list. I don't think slurping up certain foods fits.
  11. The star map doesn't seem to be a good source of direction. I've tried a few times to chart it based on just the largest stars and it's seems not very static.