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  1. forgot to add this info: instagram: @b.g.cosplay twitter: @rastheberry photography and cosplay all by me
  2. I did my best with the time I had!!
  3. oh man until the 4th is not a lot of time but I will try my best
  4. I was wondering the specifics of the pacifist achievement? I tried to get it in stalker mode, made it to 25 days without killing anything and did not receive the achievement. I'd only used a heavy hammer in struggles. I was trying to look up whether or not wolf struggles count against the achievement, but found a lot of conflicting information. So: can you still get the pacifist achievement with wolf struggles?
  5. I know in story mode at least there's a cave next to the trappers cabin that connects to Milton. it's the one you come through after the end of episode 1 moving to episode 2.
  6. Okay so I haven't played the game for too long, I have 28 hours in and got it maybe a month or two ago. I'm pretty new. I just started a new sandbox in stalker, and these are some things I think could be cool from my experience in stalker and voyager. -Being able to throw brands. I had this idea in the Desolation Point cave, where I wanted to throw a brand for light in a dark part. You could also chuck one at a wolf or something to scare it off. Seemed like a better idea in my head now that I’m thinking about it, but I’ll put it out there -Legs? When you look down you appear to just