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  1. Oh, that's a good advice! Yes, I've been quite surprised then at this point it was a bit late... And you're right, this is the upper dam, my mistake! Thanks you guys ;-)
  2. Ok!! Yes Fluffy is nice haha! Well, when he's not hun(an)gry... Thank you for the answer Ohbal ;-)
  3. Hello everybody! Just a question, I dont' know if it's a bug a something new but I achieved a 'Nomad' challenge in the former version, and I started a new challenge 'Hopeless rescue' (in 7 days with the pistol) with the latest version (393). Everything was almost fine (except I had no knife, no pry-bar, no hatchet and no rifle - but still 21 cartridges!), until I took refuge in the lower dam and I've attack by a wolf IN the dam!! Just take a look to the screenshot, I had no escape! So I died... :-/ Please help! Did it happen to you?!
  4. Hello from France! I just arrived on the forum, just completed the Nomad challenge on SB v.375 (PC), and this game already ruined my social IRL haha! Really immersive, breathtaking and challenging! Thanks to Hinterlands, from far already one of the most beautiful game ever played! And it's just an Alpha Bravo!