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  1. I totaly agree with you on this, especially the amount of knives and hatches ect. interloper is to hard for me and staker i get bored becease i have 5 hatchets, 5 knives, 3 tool boxes, 3 crow bars, 3 RIFLES !!!
  2. I second this and would love to have a bigfoot ever wondering in my woods, just hoping to never come face to face with it.
  3. I love the idea of after a bad blizzerd there could be deep snow to were you cant travel effecintly at all no sprinting ect, unless you have snowshoes.
  4. I am all for seeing wildlife improve befor anything eles by exspanding there routes like you said
  5. What is this so called modding cummuity, and would it only be for pc.
  6. You do have some good ideas;however, i think it would have to be a different game in genral. for people that want that kind of stuff. I like that kind of stuff, but i like the long dark and the direction it has been going, good luck out there in hope to se you on the mountains.
  7. Yes, yes, and yes I like it all
  8. you betch ya I like it you have to bait hooks with little fish.
  9. I love your ideas for multi tasking. And i have an idea about fishing i wish when it comes to fishing u bait ur hook or make a jig but most of all, ethier you set ur line down and wait like a pop up or bank line, and go do other duties, or you jig the line and if you make a pole out of a sapling you hace abetter chance of catchign fish and less line brackage; however, i wont to fight the fish like a fenes bar you have to keep a arrow in.