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  1. You could always try Custom Game settings and put wolves at low or even none. Custom Games have their own set of problems, but some players find the zombie hordes too absurd and immersion breaking or too annoying and tedious to deal with and find turning them down helps.
  2. I don't know the region terribly well, but there are at least 8 wolves that are difficult to avoid (1 between ropes between ML and MT, 1 just inside town, 3 by farm, 1 outside of church, 1 between trailer and bridge, 1 by plane). There are definitely more than just these 8 in the region, so running into 11 seems a bit unlucky, as that could be a roving pack of 3, but isn't abnormal. That there are far too many wolves in general is another issue. Wolf populations could be cut in half for every region and there would still be too many. More zombies doesn't make the game more fun This appears to be intended, and I wouldn't get my hopes up for a fix (bad design is still a bug). Maybe a mod will some day...
  3. I've found the best way to clear cabin fever is to gather tons of fuel (200 sticks is a good start) and then hang out in a fishing hut for a day or two.
  4. You are not wrong. It also has the advantage of being right next a bed, so if you have a couple cooking pots and don't mind sleeping in 3 hour stretches you can probably boil a dozen liters of water without sacrificing much (aside from the enormous condition gain you get from a solid long rest).
  5. It was the piece of wolf from the previous day.
  6. @Doc Feral, I'm not completely certain about this, but when a wolf breaks from a struggle it may be running out of fear. The game may treat this differently than if the wolf is running for something like self preservation (because you've almost removed all of its hit points... um, condition). All weapons (and presumably your bare hands as well) have a chance to end a struggle early (effectively scaring off the wolf). If they are running from fear it would make sense if they can aggro again after the fear effect wears off (much like from fire, an arrow graze or near miss, etc.). I'm pretty sure that any wolf will initiate a struggle if you walk into it, regardless of how injured it is or even your game settings. You could always start up a pilgrim game and try to hug a wolf if you'd like to test it.
  7. You are right, but it's actually worse than you think. Depending on how they have text files implemented it might actually be untranslatable in many languages.
  8. Actually, the answer is no. Although they usually do. It may be that transitioning to an interior or changing zones before something bleeds out can stop it from dying. It may be that there is max bleed damage any particular wound can cause, so a shot to the foot that causes a bleeding wound might not do enough damage that the animal dies. It may be that some in game event, like a pack of wolves teleporting to another location, magically stops the bleeding. I've certainly had times where an animal (like a bear, so I know there was only one on the map), has been wounded and leaving a blood trail, but doesn't die. But again, its more common that they eventually bleed out.
  9. I don't think it's nitpicking and agree somewhat (my dislike of the item decay system is much stronger). As alternative options they could make it so that ruined clothing can be repaired, or so that the player can just craft it.
  10. Yes, the hats are reversed. They were apparently a casualty of some sloppy rearranging of the paper doll during the resolute outfitter update (they were originally on the right side). The tooltips about what is an inner or outer layer don't help anything, ignoring them is easier than trying to make sense of them. The entire screen (and related mechanics) could be cleaned up.
  11. Seems normal-ish to me. You seem to have done well in looting clothes, which makes a huge difference (hard to say for certain, but it looks like the only thing that could have gone better would have been to get the army pants as well). The temp will continue to drop a little each day, so take advantage while it lasts. I'd recommend hunting and exploring (new locations to loot) before gathering firewood.
  12. I agreed with this part, but pretty nothing else (as far as criticism of the review is concerned). In some ways filtering out that is easier than filtering out where other reviewers are biased or compromised or disingenuously signaling or whatever other nonsense you have to deal with on the internet.
  13. Adjectives aren't game mechanics. You could save yourself an immense amount of time by testing Scent and Decoys separately and comparing where they overlap after.
  14. None of the starts are easy, that seems to be intentional (and getting out of the starting zone should be a priority). As far as easiest starts are concerned I'd say PV near the waterfall (SE of Three Strikes Farmstead). There is no ideal loot table, but there is getting lucky with RNG for loot. Finding the hacksaw and hammer is a matter of knowing where to look, they may not be in the first place you check, but they seem to be guaranteed to be at several of the places they can spawn. Luck is the main factor for finding some of the best clothing items. A game where you find combat pants, 2 thin wool sweaters, a second pair of long underwear, 2 earwraps, 2 wool toques and 2 pairs of wool socks will go better than one where you are missing any of those items.
  15. The only problem I see is in assuming the two mechanics (decoys and scent) are related. Decoys have been in the game for a long time and don't appear to have any mechanical changes (although the list of what can be a decoy has changed). Scent is new. As far as I can tell decoys are chosen from a preference list (lexicographical ordering if you want to be stodgy about it). Testing it should just be a matter of having all the decoy things and seeing what order they drop in. Condition does seem to be what determines what drops first for two of the same type of thing.