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  1. My favourite movie of all time is The Thing. The whole isolation and claustrophobic nature of it really captured me when I was young. The idea of being in the middle of nowhere with no one to trust was fascinating for me. I have always looked for that feeling in other movies. Some more than others actually gave me that feeling of isolation. Then I played The Long Dark. What a perfect atmosphere. The feeling of being alone in an isolated location is perfect in this game. It makes me want to rush home to play it each day So what about you guys? Thoughts on the Thing? And any other titles you can suggest that gave you a feeling of isolation or claustrophobia?
  2. I know a lot of people are making TLD videos but what do people generally look for in a lets play ? My take would be more cuts between action and funny bits. I wouldn't necessarily record 3 hours of me playing. I don't think i could be that entertaining for thta long. What are some things you guys look for when it comes to a Long Dark video that keeps you watching ?
  3. Thank you sir! I count down the hours until I can leave work to dive back in. I live in Massachusetts so this winter may look and feel very Long dark!
  4. It would be so cool if we had a basic map outline and we had to add or sketch locations into the map? Maybe drag and drop a marker. Add a house here, Add a lake there. we could maybe just have the basic outline of each region. We could even share map locations?
  5. I picked this game up a while ago when I was living in Scotland. I sunk a lot of my time into it but then I had to move. Now I have a decent set up and the first thing I played? You guessed it! The long Dark. My god I have missed it so much. Since I have moved I have started a gaming channel on YouTube and I can't wait to record some stuff and put it out there. I just want to show my support for this amazing game. I cannot wait to see what it grows into and I’m happy to be along for the ride! Thank you guys!