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  1. when you guys play the test build , what difficulty do you choose , me personally i do interloper.
  2. im not gonna post again on this but let me just say that what your doing brings nothing good. nothing is gonna change so get over it and grow up.
  3. all good im not mad and love the game and always will. looking foward to the test build as always
  4. tuvia23


    its not just you a lot of peeps mad out there but they will get over it and getting mad over it wont change anything. hinterland just made a mistake and they will learn from this
  5. tuvia23


    i understand what your saying but the problem here is that most of the people expect something big.the big countdown the axe near the logo . YOU knew that something was coming and then came the VIDEO!
  6. tuvia23


    its also possible something went terribly wrong and they couldnt release the sandbox update either way lets get over it and support hinterlands for this amazing game
  7. tuvia23


    A 22 day countdown for this? wow im disappointed big time
  8. tuvia23


    IM SO HYPED i dont care what it is , story mode or sandbox update LETS GO ALMOST THERE!!!!
  9. was 80 days in and for some reason my save game vanished i would love some help. i tried to sync the game but nothing and i tried to reinstall
  10. would it be possible to replace those books in interloper with maybe a new archery leveling book? also the weather is very extreme in interloper when you reach day 130 , maybe adding some recipes with wolf hides rabbit hides for example a wolf hat accessories. i have so many hides going to waste. just throwing out suggestions
  11. i found out what is causing this , if you have your bow out and you enter a building you will lose your arrow. so holster your bow and you wont lose your arrow until they find a fix