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    Cold Cola

    I'm actually surprised the sodas in the game right now don't give you a caffeine boost or sugar high.
  2. If you use things like doors and vehicles to gauge the player height, you're only standing about 5' tall. I'm 6'7" and my strides are nearly 1 meter in length when moving comfortably, so there's no way the footprints should be 1 meter apart in game. Moving through snow doesn't leave clean, neat prints either. You should see trails of broken snow, not individual impressions.
  3. I didn't even know 'Moose Carcass' was a thing! Now I have something else to keep an eye out for.
  4. Agreed to both points. there was a mod that allowed full rotation in the car, so it must be something that can be overwritten/changed. It is also annoying that you can't break sleep once you've started. There are many times I've set myself up for a good night's rest only to hear the aurora, and not being able to wake and make use of it. I would think that the lights flickering and buzzing would be enough to wake anyone already on edge from having to scavenge and survive in this environment.
  5. Silverhour


    The kettle would be nice. You could brew coffee and the various teas in larger quantities, instead of 1 at a time. There could be a time reduction when stacking, like 10 minutes for 1 mug, 18 for 2, 24 for 3, and so on. I would prefer a lantern-fueled hotplate over the electric Aurora powered one. Something that weighs 3kg and burns fuel twice as fast as the lantern, but can be placed and used on any flat surface, indoor or out.
  6. I will occasionally shoot a rabbit with the revolver. My aim with a rock is terrible, and I often don't grab and snap them quick enough, wasting the few lucky throws I do get.
  7. Personally I think Hinterland wasted an opportunity when bringing in the Timberwolves instead of mountain lions. The standard wolf AI and model could have been updated and Bleak Inlet could have had a big cat threat instead.
  8. Taken from the Fandom Long Dark Wiki, Unlike other animals, moose do not bleed out. This can make killing moose a bit more difficult. They are fairly tough so multiple shots are often required. It is possible to kill a moose with one shot, most likely when hitting the head, but typically moose do not die before taking four shots from any weapon; rifle, bow, and distress pistol all seem equally effective. It is impossible to kill moose without a ranged weapon.
  9. Oh for sure. You're not wrong there either. A 3rd party map would definitely be interesting, to see what a non-dev came up with. It would also be interesting to see someone work out mechanics for the various animals that have been suggested in the past (foxes, mountain lions, Canadian geese, etc) and the benefits/risks of pursuing them.
  10. I've had similar experiences myself. Any items on the ground when entering the map are generated at first entry. When you enter a new region the game auto saves, so once the map generates, it's saved as is. However, the container contents are RNG'd at first interaction, so a backpack that contained a can opener the first time you opened it, might not have that same item if you exit/reload and try again for a second 'first' time. (This is an actual example I encountered.)
  11. I was under the impression that moose don't bleed out, you literally have to hit him until he dies. I've dropped bear with two revolver rounds, and deer and wolves with one, but a moose will keep standing until you put the last bullet in. I've never tried dropping a moose with a revolver, but unless you get a few well placed rounds in, it's at least 4 or 5 with the rifle, and I have seen moose stand with seven arrows in them. All that being said, I don't know if the revolver has been nerfed or not, but I think using the moose as a benchmark can lead to misconceptions.
  12. I had a wolf corner me not long ago. It hunched, growled and started to advance. I pulled out the revolver, hoping to just scare it off if it hadn't already committed to the kill. One random, blind shot later I had a fur pelt at my feet and not a scratch on me. Another time I crept up to a deer nice and slow, and waited for it to stop moving and dip its head. I leveled the revolver, took careful aim, and shot it right in the eye. It moaned, knelt down and collapsed on its side. Was able to finish my boots thanks to that. Yet another time, I stepped out of the cabin at the Fishing Camp on CH just in time to see the short end of a bear wandering past me. I pulled out my rifle and popped one of my 3 rounds in its haunch. As it bellowed and turned to charge me I fired another round, and it only made 2 steps before I was able to turn it into a rug. I don't think another firearm is needed. If it made the current animals too easy to kill, they would just have to introduce new creatures with more challenging mechanics, which would lead to a new weapon, repeating the cycle. Besides, isn't the Bear Spear supposed to be coming to sandbox? If so, we could, theoretically, use it on moose too.
  13. The best mods, in my opinion, were the ones that added new items to craft and gather. The food mod expanded the menu, including rice, new kinds of canned fruits, SPAM, canned chili, and corn flakes, among others. There was a statuette mod that let you carve wolves, bears, moose, and I think a couple other things. It was a good way to pass time, and worked the same as crafting. The instruments pack was nice, giving you a guitar and harmonica to find and practice with, adding a new skill that improved the quality of the song you played. It was also nice because you could actually add songs to the mod folder that the game would randomly pick from to play when you practiced. I think there was plans to add other instruments beyond the guitar and harmonica. Binoculars were good, and something the game really would benefit from even as an added feature. Other than those, there were other mods that sped up drawing speed when mapping, made chopping wood faster, made killing rabbits easier with rocks, rather than just stunning them. There was a mod that balanced water collecting by requiring you to have something to carry it in, not just automatically creating a bottle when emptying a toilet, for instance. It also added a craftable waterskin. Those are all the ones that come to mind now, but I know there were plenty more. On that note I did see that someone has created a modloader that works with the current 1.69 version, but from what I could see there wasn't much in the way of mods available.
  14. Having seen a few these past frosty days, it occured to me that sundogs would fit into The Long Dark quite nicely. They would only appear on clear, deeply cold days, and create the same effect that the auroras do. They wouldn't affect wildlife the same way, but would make them more passive instead. Wolves and bears would be less aggressive, and deer and rabbits would have a closer flee range. The trade off, of course, would be that when this happens the temp drops to -45.
  15. Expanding the menu would be nice too, I think. The food pack mod was really well put together, and it didn't increase the amount of food in the game, just changed what was available. The Statuettes mod was a nice way to pass time and create decorations, as was finding and playing the guitar and harmonica in the instruments mod. None of these broke or unbalanced the game, but definitely improved the way it was played.