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  1. Call it something like 'Grain alcohol' and have the flavour text read 'Useful for starting fires and disinfecting wounds. Drinking it might make you go blind though, so probably not a good idea.' I would compare it to books, where it says right in the text that it would be great to read them, but all you're going to do is burn them.
  2. It's not that uncommon for small communities to not bother locking their doors in Canada. I would imagine on an isolated island it's even less of a concern.
  3. I wonder if keybinding the action to a keyboard key would be more helpful to you. I don't know enough about your condition, but would tapping on the keyboard be easier than the mouse? Especially if your mouse isn't responsive enough? If you're already using the WASD controls, perhaps you could react more consistently and accurately using E or R.
  4. I wonder if all the cairns will eventually have something to say on them. Most that I find still say 'this story is not yet written...' or something to that effect. Occasionally I find one with a quote or comment.
  5. 1 - Never really tracked stats, so I'm indifferent. 2 - Would love to be able to climb/jump over obviously low and avoidable obstacles. Having to wander all over the map just to get from one side of a fence to the other is pretty annoying. 3 - I have never used a forge. Never bothered to gather enough fuel to get it fired up to a point to be used. Then again I've never lasted long enough to wear out my last knife or axe either, so there is that. I think flint knapping would be a more realistic resolution to running out of man made tools as well. It is a bit of a stretch to think that anyone could just walk up to a forge and pull a functional knife or axe from it.
  6. I just started Wintermute, and already I can see that there really needs to be an airstrip on the island. Will and Astrid planned on landing somewhere. I would imagine it should be near Milton as that seems to be the central community of this island. There could be a route out of Milton to maybe a coastal port similar to DP, where instead of a whaling station we have a ferry or cargo dock, but is too rugged to be an actual community like Milton. Maybe have all the major transport routes meet there, with railways near the shore to unload onto boats, and a truck stop for the loggers, with the airstrip for cargo and crew transport. Lots of oil and logging industries in the far north use fly-in/fly-out crew rotations for remote areas where vehicle travel is unreliable. I haven't gotten far enough into Wintermute to find this prison bus I've seen mentioned. It seems unlikely that such a sparsely populated island, no matter how isolated, would have their own penitentiary. Closest thing that might be is an RCMP depot with a few holding cells. It's likely the prison bus was a mainland transport collecting inmates. This would be a wild trip, I think. Sure there could be open areas to allow daylight in on occasion, but for the most part you're either stumbling around in the dark or chaining torches, hoping you don't run out. The only problem with a map like this would be finding a purpose for it, beyond the desire to explore. There would have to be something specific that would be valuable draw, like renewable coal areas (maybe occasional tremors bring more coal down, like storms do for sticks and branches) and/or a new resource like ore, which could be used like scrap metal but is also renewable (again with tremors.) Maybe having the cave come off FM so there's a forge nearby, but in hostile territory. Then having an area that provides you unlimited coal and metal might be worth the risk of roaming an area in total darkness.
  7. Yeah, it would be next to impossible to implement multiplayer in the game as is. You can't simply disable the pass time feature, because how could you sleep, or harvest anything? While player 1 is out scouting in the night player 2 decides to take a nap... so now p2 has to sit at the computer for 9 in game hours to pass while p1 trots around stalking a moose. It would be near impossible to coordinate a time when everyone simultaneously sleeps, eats, cooks, etc. The entire framework would have to be reworked to eliminate the pass time features and make everything in game time. So you would always have to wait out the cook time, skin/harvest time, sleep time, etc. This would become way too tedious. Interacting with the remains of another players game, like journals or notes left, would be more emersion and story building than a multiplayer experience. It would show that yes, other people have managed to survive this, so you can too. This feature doesn't even have to be multiplayer, really. There could be an option to 'drop journal' upon death, so that your next game has a little easter egg waiting for you when you get back to where your last attempt ended.
  8. I think the +1 is basically just 'add my voice to the people asking for this' I think it's a good idea too, honestly. I've never reached level 5 on any of the skills, but I imagine it is frustrating to be penalized for working that hard.
  9. I like the idea of a spit, even if it just adds another cooking spot on a campfire. Don't know if you could set one up on a barrel or fireplace, though. Having an extra mechanic to tend to the spit might be tedious though...
  10. From what I understand they have proposed bear spears in a future update, but I don't know if they would be effective against wolves. Would be nice to have a melee weapon that helps prevent going through the struggle sequence, even if it just chases them off without killing them.
  11. I do hope they eventually introduce a use for car batteries. If I remember correctly earlier versions of the car engine didn't have the separate and obvious battery design, so there must have been a reason for the change. Don't know if it would be a game breaker, but using them to charge flashlights or power lamps would be handy. Maybe they can't be removed, since they are typically bolted down IRL, not to mention ridiculously heavy for their size. This way you can make use of them, but only under the hood. And yes, batteries freeze, but so do water bottles and cans of pop...
  12. Just an inquiry about the possibility of running a Let's Play of The Long Dark. While I don't really understand Hinterland's position on the unsanctioned mods that are available, I respect their request to not discuss or share them on this forum. That said, if my Let's Play features them, would mentioning the series here be frowned upon as well?
  13. I'd say create a throw-away game in pilgrim just to go down there and see what it is. If you find a way out, great! if not, lesson learned and now you won't compromise your main game.
  14. While it would be fun to make soups and stews, what would be the advantage? You can already cook and eat the meat, so boiling it into a broth wouldn't add anything extra. A hot meal is a hot meal, and we don't get a warmth bonus from eating a freshly cooked steak like we do with hot drinks, so that might be the only advantage. I do second the idea of having more dried goods on hand. Rice, beans, barley, rolled oats, etc. should be pantry staples in most households, so to find nothing of the sort is a bit of a stretch.
  15. Sounds like an oversight on the developers part, but it is interesting. Of course that is only useful if you feel like hitting the mines before you rely on slight warmth increase, but in some cases that 2 degrees might make the difference.