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  1. Haha yeah that was my thinking too ... which is why I got caught out with that ledge
  2. Sure ... here are four shots: fromtop.png - From the top of the 'B' rope climb (you can see the 'cave' in the distance at the end of the path) goingdown.png - the view of the ledge as you descend (notice it doesn't reach the path below) onledge.png - the view standing on the ledge. To reach the path below, you have to descend in a series of short jumps on the right atthebottom.png - view from the path. Note that the rope doesn't reach the path directly. Nor is there any way to climb back up to that ledge.
  3. There isn't. I've been all over the map - there are only three ways to get to the upper regions of Timberwolf (ie Deer Clearing, Erics Falls etc) from the lower regions. Two of the ways are at Deers Clearing - only one of which has a rope (A), and the other (B) is a one-way path (you can only descend). The third way is over at Eric's Falls which has no rope and cannot be accessed from the lower regions (which means it's impassable when you first enter Timberwolf). If you know of an actual fourth way, I'm happy to hear you describe the exact location. But I strongly believe there isn't one.
  4. Well this is part of the issue I'm raising By moving the rope from A to B, I think it's perfectly reasonable for a player to believe that they have left a route up/down to Deer Clearing at B. Except because of that ledge being a one-way path, you don't realise you can't get back up to Deer Clearing until it's too late. And the repercussion of that is that you are forever locked out of the upper zones of the Timberwolf map - that seems like a fatally flawed game design. No other rope climb area in any other map has this flaw - there is always another way to access a zone.
  5. The rope climb at 1700,1400 is what I was referring to as 'A', and the rope climb (with no rope) at 1500,1300 is what I referred to as B (the one that leads to the cave). The issue isn't that I'm getting stuck on the ledge, the issue is that if you step off that ledge, there is no way to get back to the deer clearing if you have moved the rope from B to A. ie. Start at base of 'A' rope climb ... ascend to Deer Clearing zone Take rope from 'A' and move it to 'B' Climb down rope at 'B' and you end up on a ledge Jump off the ledge to the path below Now how do you get back to the Deer Clearing? You can't climb back onto the ledge to reach the B rope. And there is no longer a rope at A.
  6. Yup - although that's not the issue I'm raising. My point is that if you move the rope at 'A' to 'B' (in my case, to create a shorter path from the Cave to Deer Clearing), you prevent yourself from being able to re-access Deer Clearing again. Hinterland has been very careful with the design of the maps and the rope climbing sections so that there always an alternate path to access an area so that you can never lock yourself out of a zone because you removed a rope. The one exception is Deer Clearing - and hence why I'm raising it as a gameplay issue.
  7. The Location On Timberwolf Mountain, to ascend to the summit the first time, I believe the only route is via the Deer Clearing area. To get to the Deer Clearing area, there is a rope climb with a rope already in place (call it 'A'). Near this rope climb is another rope climb area (without a rope) - call it 'B'. If you attach a rope at the 'B' rope climb, you can descend from Deer Clearing, however the rope doesn't reach the bottom. Instead it stops at a small ledge, which you can then climb down to the path, but not back up (ie you cannot use this rope climb at B to access Deer Clearing). The Issue So I ascended the rope climb at 'A' (entering the Deer Clearing zone). I took the rope at 'A' and moved it to 'B', and then climbed down to the path. Now I can't climb back to Deer Clearing via 'B' (because the rope is inaccessible from the path), nor can I ascend via 'A' (since the rope is no longer there). And I don't believe there is any other method to access this area the first time you are trying to reach the summit. So it looks like if you do what I did, you lock yourself out from ever reaching the summit.