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  1. Have you considered adding more primitive survival options and aspects to the game? Specifically, what has always taken me out of the game's immersion is the lack of primitive firestarting options (bow drill, hand drill, ice magnifying glass) and options for making stone knives and arrowheads (flintknapping), as well as needing a workbench for a lot of things that don't really need a workbench to make (clothes, arrows, etc)
  2. In the new map, I've got all these hides and saplings that I could turn into clothes and weapons, except for one problem - I need a workbench! This means I have to make a long journey into Milton to find one, all so I can make some simple clothing. Why is this? How is a flat surface and a vice grip so essential to making things? This mechanic extremely detracts from the aspect of living off the land in this game, as well as breaks immersion, and I do not think that a workbench should be needed to craft. It could speed up crafting times by 10 - 15% by using one, but you should be able to craft everything except the forged items without one. It makes no sense that you absolutely need a workbench to punch holes in animal skins and sew them together, or to tiller and string a bow.
  3. I've finally reached over 100 days on a character with (almost) only crafted clothing, no rifle, and no prepackaged food, and I have some ideas of game options for living off the land more naturally, instead of scavenging old stuff from ruined civilization 1st, add a craftable hat or scarf! the most obvious is a rabbit skin hat that takes 3 or 4 to make, with similar stats to the rabbit skin mittens. People have been asking for this for a long time. 2nd, make new in game items and a new skill class for flintknapping. Maybe in certain areas there are pieces of flint or obsidian lying around. You take those, and with a rock, you can try to craft arrowheads, knife blades, or axe heads. At low levels, the chance of failure is medium to high, but with every attempt, success or failure, you gain flintknapping skill points. With these completed stone tools, you can make arrows normally, just with a stone point instead of metal, a stone knife with the knife blade and a piece of cloth, and a stone axe with the axe head and 1 piece of fir wood. These tools would be a little less durable than metal tools, but lighter. 3rd, add options for primitive firestarting! a bow drill kit can be made with 1 cured gut and 1 stick for the bow, and 1 or 2 pieces of cedar wood for the board, spindle, and handhold. The bow is a separate piece, and doesn't lose condition (or maybe degrades very slowly), but the 3 other pieces are treated as 1 item, and lose 10% to 15% condition with every firestarting attempt. The higher the level in firestarting, the longer the bow drill kit lasts. Another thing, maybe make an option for a lighter bearskin coat or vest that takes only 1 bearskin to make.
  4. 2 days ago, I started tld (on xbox one) to find the all progress on my feats had been lost and reset to zero, and that my stalker character had been deleted. I don't know what caused this, but I don't want it to happen to anyone else, so hinterlands might want to look into this.