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  1. Cooking is an excellent concept but needs some tweaks. Any frying pans out there to help meat cooking time at least? I like the concept so far. I also love the new music. However, arrows are disappearing if they bounce off of wildlife that get hit. Ive lost 4 so far to it... That really isn't acceptable that a glitch that critical made it in. Edit: Apparently it isn't just successful hits, any arrow shot other than a one shot kill has a chance to vanish. Cant even make it to river valley now, I have to turn around and head back to base
  2. Wow, that's really sad. I am honestly very disappointed by that.
  3. I actually experienced this on xbox. After the 10th-ish crash I stopped playing. I don't get to experience the voice acting or animation and now it is crashing constantly. I will just wait for them to patch all the issues before I play more, I guess. If Support or @Patrick Carlson have heard of this issue I would like to know.
  4. I will type this in a certain way to avoid spoilers. After encountering the old woman, I attempted to converse with her. While the subtitles showed on the screen, neither my character nor the woman spoke, there was no sound, and the only way to advance the conversation was to manually advance the dialogue. If anyone has experienced this and knows how to remedy it, please let me know. Thanks in advance.
  5. This actually happens as well if a bear clips through a hunter's blind and gets you. Your dropped items disappear under the blind forever.
  6. Even @Kraelman has a rule in his mega hard mode that would be brilliant and he has never even been asked about this. He simulates a calorie debt, for every 1% of condition lost to starvation, you need 100 more calories, in this scenario we simply throw away 100 calories of food to simulate this. At this point maintaining oneself with food is too easy.
  7. It seems that way but the original intent was to make sure the player didn't go somewhere with no results because they forgot. It takes a very long time for saplings to come back, if at all IIRC. I honestly feel that the symbols are not the problem, it is the fact that they have gotten rid of precise information at your fingertips and layered it behind something else. If they just displayed feels like and calories right there I think that pretty much solves it. And cleaning up the UI to make it more put together instead of having multiple different places to look at.
  8. They don't, like I said it's primal. Good taste=lots of goodies. Please don't straw man. Incorrect, do your research. Doesn't mean they don't have a taste for it. They do. Could not agree more. Besides, if you play well you won't need it anyway. I can't tell you how many times I have though I was going to starve but some good decisions kept me fed, even on interloper.
  9. Taste bud satisfaction=more caloric content. It's another major factor in why people are overweight, food is so calorie dense. Ever wonder why those cinnamon buns are so damn good? Sharks have taste buds too. They know our meat is pretty calorie empty.
  10. No I meant in general, as in many animals won't even bother eating humans or finishing them off despite being a normal part of their evolutionary history. Lions are a good example of this. They are so familiar with humans that they even have been known to attack us differently from other animals at times, there was an interesting documentary on this, actually, that questioned whether or not predators viewed us as the bottom of their food chain. Spoiler: Confirmed. But the lion didn't even bother trying to eat the mock humans it was provided. Some sharks won't even eat us either despite there being blood in the water after "tasting" us. I think human meat probably sucks the most, in general. Oooh, yes you are. It is addressed very, very often in all sorts of media, both physical assault and murder being wrong. All the time. In law too, it is illegal. But cannibalism isn't addressed directly. What's his name? I am curious. I guess it depends on the individual. Don't assume much about me. For all you know, I'm a brutal and cold person. Or maybe not. Hard to tell.
  11. I stand corrected on the dangers of disease, but I have to disagree on the instincts. I know what you're saying is true for some, but I was never sat down at any point in my life and morally taught cannibalism was wrong. In fact I had never heard of it until I was an older child and as soon as I heard it I found the idea to be rather ridiculous. Scientists have even found human flesh to be rather crap for nutrition for other humans, or even animals, so that may explain why some societies have no large recorded practice of cannibalism before the 20th century. That being said, my main point was in TLD there is no reason. Even on the hardest difficulty I had no need for it, so I don't see why HL would waste resources trying to implement it.
  12. Thank you. I honestly think the starvation affliction needs to be a thing, and they way @Dirmagnos introduces it is grounded in reality and makes sense. We have all gotten the dreaded hunger headache and eventual nausea if we don't eat. Being a "lunk" as some people would call it has its' uses. As far as I recall, my former professor, Douglas Kowalewski, showed footage of him in the arctic and talked about their diets-roughly 8-10,000 calories a day and tons of fat and sugar. Carbohydrates are what really heat you up quickly. Try it out sometime, have a ton of sugar and go out into the cold, you'll notice you retain heat much better. These guys were literally opening straight from the factory candy bar cases with their knives and shoveling handfuls into their backpacks (only in my wildest fantasies do I get to do that). They had the biggest pig out sessions, but it was so cold he barely gained a pound or two by the time he came back. It was mind boggling. It's why I love interloper, the calorie requirements are very high-much more realistic for the temperature setting. But after you said you liked Stalker I tried it and I have to say, the rifle is so much fun and having a higher number of less dangerous wolves presents its own problems, so I can see why so many find it fun. That would be amazing. I would definitely play the seasoned version quite a bit. I wonder what would happen to the fishing huts though, I am not personally experienced with the design of those. But more to your points @Dirmagnos we honestly should have at least *some* meat requirement if we aren't eating enough in general, the character(s) should become weaker. There's no way I can maintain myself without that. We should be forced to have some venison or fish. Come to think of it, we don't have rabbit starvation either. Their meat does not have enough fat to support hormone production and digestion. This whole new age of rabbit exploiting, as I call it, should be curbed with something like that. There are some trappers that have fallen victim to this in the real world.
  13. They do, but I personally do not follow them. I don't like abusing mechanics like this, and while I know implementing a more realistic starvation affliction like @Dirmagnos suggested is a solid solution that would force people not to exploit this, we also have to remember that Hinterland would have to take a lot of time and work to do this, and that might not be worth it to them. I just choose not to participate and maintain higher calories daily. Other players that feel as we do should and probably do, do the same.
  14. This too, I agree very strongly. Some things are best left out. "Less is more" in some situations/games.
  15. Because cannibalism could have serious physiological consequences. Do some research on it, you'll see just how awful it is for you. Avoiding the brain is of particular importance, but I think part of the reason is repugnance to it. Your instincts do take you over, but some instincts would stop cannibalism. Besides, even on interloper starvation has never been much of a problem for me so I don't see why this would be important to implement.