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  1. I didn't think to check this forum before submitting my bug report, but this is the same kind of thing I was talking about when breaking down crates/limbs (also on PS4).
  2. Hey all. New to the forums, but not to the game (although apparently, I signed up for the forums back in '16, who knew?). I've been distancing myself from social media but I still want to be informed about the things I like, so I figured what better way than the old school way (straight to the source and normal forums/message boards)? Saw the retail release trailer this morning and decided to come check out the forums again. It also helps that the Milton Mailbag is a thing and had me coming here for the last couple of months just to read those. I bought the game on Steam when it was still very EA and have not found a game that I constantly want to return to like this one. I actually think this game is what made me finally sign up for a Steam account. I was super ecstatic when it was released on consoles as well because my PC doesn't have super great specs and I don't have a graphics card haha, so it runs pretty poorly there. A little about me: I'm 31, live in Michigan, fostering an 11 month old little boy who we (my wife and I, married for 5 years, together for 11) are hoping to be able to adopt, pending the decision of the courts in regards to the parents. I enjoy nature, music, technology, and just generally messing around and trying to learn new skills. Anyway, hi Stay warm out there.