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  1. It was on Voyager, but I went to the zone somewhere around day 90, so cabin fever was in effect. Another thing I think I forgot to mention initially is that you can make a fire right inside the "outdoor" area. I made mine right between the bench and chair near the door. Very convenient!
  2. I think this is the biggest challenge, regardless of what location you stay at. Personally I like the Mountaineer's Hut better than anywhere else. The biggest challenge (annoyance) is having to sleep in 3 hour increments to avoid potential freezing. Of course being pretty far from all other zones is also a negative. When you run out of some needed item, it's quite a challenge to bring additional supplies from another zone. Then again, that, in itself, is a temporary solution to boredom. But overall, the best way to avoid the boredom problem is not to have any main base. Take turns living
  3. Yep, definitely no rope for me either, anywhere in the zone. Also, I realized that there's proof that the "outside" location is truly considered outside by the game: 1. Nothing will cure when placed on the ground anywhere in that space. You have to actually go indoors to cure anything. 2. You can make a campfire right inside the area. So yeah, the game clearly considers the area as completely outside.
  4. I think the end of the line location is the biggest negative. I'm trying to stay there as long as possible, but once I leave, I will likely never come back in this playthrough. So yeah, it's not quite a "base".
  5. If you know how to get there, please share
  6. I've lived there for over 15 days, spending most of the time in the outdoor area, and I haven't gotten any risk of CF at all. So yeah, I'm pretty sure it's considered outside, unlike the TWM hut, etc.
  7. Other mean across the broken bridge? Or where? I have a rifle with lots of ammo and all other tools, so to me the wolves are just food delivery right now, hehe.
  8. Oh boy, I didn't even realize there were wires that can hurt you. I think I've been there for 15 days and haven't seen the aurora a single time. And where did you find the rope, Carbon? I looked everywhere and didn't see it. I agree, the rope would definitely make the lodge more viable.
  9. So I decided to try living in the new zone, specifically in the hunting lodge. But after killing off and eating all the wolves and rabbits nearby, I had to leave after just a few days. I was on my way out of the zone, but I stopped at the maintenance yard to pick up some stuff, and then I decided to stay there for a bit. And what do you know? It turned out to be one of the best places to live, in my experience. All it's really missing is a fishing hut nearby. There are deer and wolves all around, so you'd be hard pressed to run out of meat. Practically unlimited firewood from all the ship
  10. I have to say, like many others here, I also noticed "less loot" in the game I started after the last update. I only play on Voyager, and normally there is enough food at and around the "major" locations that you can survive at each one for a decent amount of time, living only off of the packaged food. But in this game, there was clearly less food. I had to start relying on wildlife for food a lot sooner than in previous games. But on the other hand, at one point I found literally 5 prybars in about 1 minute of gameplay. There were three of them in one location, the basement in crumbling highw
  11. Actually I ran into this bug too a couple nights ago...on PC. I got food poisoning, took antibiotics twice, and both times it said the treatment didn't do anything. So I reloaded, tried again, and then it worked fine.
  12. I just realized I forgot to reply here. Thanks, guys, for sharing!
  13. This is me on my personal record playthrough, right before jumping off the cliff to end it all. The lit up fishing hut in the distance is where I spent most of my time while living in ML.
  14. Quick update on this. Recently I came back to the same game mentioned here, after not playing since around January. And once again, I found Fluffy in the dam, even though I had killed him just a few days before that, in game time. This time I found it odd, since there had been no updates since then that I'm aware of.
  15. Either from yourself or from videos online...what impressed you the most? For me it was a guy that completed the Hopeless Rescue challenge in less than 24 hours. I think it was some Russian guy. Of course he got really lucky with the weather and plentiful coffee spawns, but I was still thoroughly impressed. I am very risk averse in the game, so to go that far in such a short time, for me, is unthinkable. On a side note, just so I don't have to make a separate post, what's a good way to die? I went away for a few months and recently came back to a 308 day game, my personal record, and
  16. Supermax


    You need to be above 0 degrees Celcius to warm up. In Fahrenheit, yes, it's 32 degrees.
  17. The update created an interesting bug for me. I went to play my 300+ day game and arrived at the dam in Mystery Lake. This game was one of those times where Fluffy didn't spawn in the dam. Obviously I've been to the dam many, many times in the 300+ days, and lived there for days at a time. Fluffy was never there. Well, the update added Fluffy. I had no idea he was there, went to sleep by the fire barrel, and during my sleep heard a wolf growling. Figured it was some kind of an audio bug, but then when I woke up, I saw him walking around. He probably won't be walking for much longer with the k
  18. When I first realized that the event was "mandatory", like many others, I was upset. I played the game a lot a long time ago, took a long hiatus, and then came back recently. My current sandbox is #50, and it's by far my most successful. So when I found out that it may be jeopardized by a brand new game mechanic, I wasn't happy. I really didn't want to start any new games, because I was so into my current one. So I went ahead and risked it all, and started up the game. My fears soon turned to anger when I ran into the "perma Cabin Fever" bug. That's actually what made me come here and reg