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    Flare Pistol Uses

    I'm at Day 211 on Interloper and what I've learned might help others. I used the flare gun to kill bears right at the start. I got a few lucky straight kills and as fast as possible, made 2 bearskin coats. These protect enough that I have 1 flare left, but I never need it. I survive attacks well enough that my bow is all the defense I need. Arrows are gold to me. The game for me now is all about killing bears to keep those two coats mended. 22 total so far. What a change from years ago when I started playing TLD and a bear ambling towards me was terrifying. Now, none of them are safe, howoool!!!.
  2. I'm playing on Interloper (192 Days) and took a chance and went to have a look at Bleak Inlet. The ammunition bench wasn't of much interest to me because on 'loper you get no guns, I thought. But, as they say in the classic "Lo and Behold" I found a revolver in the fishing hut opposite the cannery employees cabins. No ammo though. So now I'm squatting outside the keypad, sleeping in 2 hour shifts awaiting an aurora. 6 nights so far and no luck. Boooring! I have all the ingredients to make ammo except for lead. Can some one tell me is that why I have no aurora, 'cos I don't have all the bullet making ingredients on me?
  3. Some of you may find the route to the security door enjoyable. I don't. It's just plain tedious. As if sleeping in 2 hour shifts outside the door waiting for an aurora isn't boring enough.
  4. I can't say I'm disappointed. I still enjoy playing TLD. But....I am not really interested in the story. I really just want to play, not get told a story. That's just me 'though, maybe. What is annoying is the bugs. Here we are more than 2 weeks after launch and after a 1 hour nap in a fishing hut, nothing works on the radial. Luckily I had the flare gun out already so I can take on the wolves. 3 in quick succession which was exciting. But I had to leave my bedroll behind, couldn't pick it up and re-equip the flare gun afterward. I'll stop there about that because this is really a different matter, but for me is the only disappointing facet of the release. The most important thing 'though, is, I will keep playing.
  5. Nah, not really happy with the new update release. The game, though enthralling, is, safe to say, already 'plodding'. Now, unfortuantely, some aspects have become tedious and boring. A crime for a 'game'. Holding the button down to enter doors and open containers is just plain time-wasting and RSI inducing. And as for using the first aid, time consuming, confusing and awkward. An annoyance, not an improvement. And I still haven't worked out what the three flames in the center of the screen mean. But that doesn't matter as it's obviously not important, as so far not knowing has had no effect on my game play. I think! At least the wolves no longer eat the rifle. Thank you!
  6. Going against the tide a bit, but I'm finding the 4 Days of Night a nuisance. I've spent 37 days preparing my 'plan' only to have it all thrown into confusion. A bit like the quarterback's carefully planned move ruined by a streaker. Now I have to wait 4 real days before I can carry it out.