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  1. So i went to the warehouse in desolation point and saw that the "skeleton" hang on the chain doesn't move but the chain itself does as in the screenshots below.
  2. @ilya763 download trainer and use fly option if you wan't to get out.
  3. Vuko

    A Few Ideas

    First of all hello to everybody. I love Long Dark and I have some suggestions regarding new content, don't know if anyone came up with that already but here there are. 1.Vacuum flask/thermos - In game when you make coffee/tea it's remain hot for couple of minutes (don't know exact time) but if this was added to the game it could weight like 0,5kg and hold up to 1/1,5 liter of hot coffe/tea/water and remain temperature of the drink for something like 4 hours depending on the exterior temperature and maybe condition of the equipment. And regarding the hot water it would be nice addition if you could make hot tea/coffee without making a fire in the middle of forest or something. 2.Flameless ration heater - Rare like MRE or better included in the MRE, could make hot food without fire, only thing you would need is water and some time, you would be able to put a tin of food or MRE in the heater and make hot meal. 3.Chemical heating pad - small bag which you put in your boots, gloves etc. and it could give you temperature bonus in extreme conditions for some amount of time. If there are some spelling mistakes i'm sorry and if I have some more ideas i will share them with everybody.