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  1. Ok. Well, no survivor lives forever so maybe I'll just wait for my next run to try out the flashlight.
  2. I've got a 60+ day survival game running (Voyager). I started this one just before the Wintermute release and I don't seem to have any auroras. Do I need to start over? Are there xbox players with pre-wintermute survival saves that ARE getting the aurora? Not a huge deal but I'd like to charge my flashlight! Thanks in advance.
  3. I've sunk several hours into the new update and overall I really like it. I can tell a lot of thought went into the new UI. There are only a few items that I think have a bit of room for improvement: The Map: I love the map. I like the idea of sketching out your location and I think the charcoal requirement and view distance keeps it reasonable. The unbalanced part is the GOD MODE marking of available resources. I think it is too powerful and I would suggest removing that feature altogether. Locations and landmarks, absolutely. Even the rabbit spawn zones is fine. But right now I can go to an area, scan it, and then walk right to the OMB, carcasses, wood, etc. and I think that goes beyond the limit of what my character could find at a glance. First Aid: I like selecting an item from the radial and applying it to a condition, if I know what I need to do. Please just bring back the ability to select and apply a remedy from the condition section of the main menu. Also, there is no reason for the Old Man's Beard wound dressing to not work as a bandage as well as an antiseptic. (pre-update behavior) If the crafting process reduces it to a small pad instead of a full bandage then I would suggest updating the in-game artwork so it doesn't look like a bandage. Wind and Scent icons: Please just move these down to the bottom left, one next to the other, right above where the health meter would appear. They are too big and distracting at the top middle. So far everything else seems great or good enough :-) Thanks for all the hard work.
  4. I actually registered an account to see if this was a known issue. It has only been since the last update but I'm also seeing a lot of this "flashing" happening. For me I get a white flash where the art should be, and it's generally the trees as far as I can tell. It happens a LOT in foggy conditions, but I'm noticing it during wind, snow, basically any non-sunny atmospheric effects cause things to go haywire. I also tried to capture it but it just shows as a stutter in the capture. I'll try to get some off-screen footage to show what it looks like.