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  1. Skills training is my mid game Interloper priority, Cooking level 5 more than doubles your survivability Archery level 5 is OP Ice Fishing level 5 is relaxing Fire Starting level 5 is nice long fires Carcass Harvesting will train itself And Mending level 2 is well worth the long grind
  2. panic4u


    Yeah seems like something got derailed. No Story Mode would be a serious disappoint
  3. Ah nice. I did a quick google to see if it was already suggested but my google foo failed me. TLD logic does isolate activities like I must expertly craft water
  4. While watching he wished we could research skill books in bed for the warmth bonus. I think it is such a good suggestion that I got his permission to post it here. I imagine the sleeping UI would get a read book option similar to Pass Time. The Read Book in bed UI could also grant additional condition recovery. This would be especially useful on Interloper early game in colder places like the Draft Dodgers cabin with a blizzard howling outside. What do people think?
  5. ML cat tails are your bow crafting food. Radio tower has nice clothes loot potential but PV windchill be kill so get the f@ck to ML for early game supplies. Go via CH if you can't wrangle dam fluffy
  6. DP is by far the worst spawn food wise. My advice is loot Hibernia and then leave DP for CH. If you plan to forge in DP bring 50+ Cat Tails with you.
  7. I am getting more sprains because of The Constant Mender clothing update made my Interloper runs both warmer and fatter. Warmer means I can casually stroll outside for longer, up and around places like Timberwolf again. Yet the weighty 10 kg of Bear Skin I now wear also sees me often overburdened and thus inviting the use of more sprain killers. Anyone else bothered by the carelessness involved in turning 2.4 kg in materials (2 x 1 kg Bear Skin + 4 x 0.1 Cured Guts) into a 5 kg beast of a bear skin coat. As an artisan irl the equation usually works the other way with 5 kg of mats becoming a 2.4 kg costume in my workroom.
  8. I believe the Devs secretly wanted to place the fire barrel directly under the hole they made in the upstairs barn. Prior to Vigilant Trespasser I used to like using the PV Barn as a base but now the valley is just too dam cold and the wonky planking is just another reason not to hang there.
  9. Journals from your previous save games will likely have wonky stats from the various random changes that have occurred. I still have wonky all-time stats in my journal from when they were first introduced. The most bothersome being something like my survivor averaging 7776 calories per day eh. The 4 Days of Dorkness event wrecked my journals and thus invited a quick merciless deletion of messed up day counts and forever afflicted with cabin fever games. And while Interloper difficulty was a fun challenging addition to TLD sand box gameplay, I am of the opinion that a lot of tuning was overlooked because only a small percentage of TLD players will ever enjoy it. But alas you are right, it is my fault that you now find fault with the faulty exploration stats. Interloper has ruined me and I would die of loot exposure if I was to play a lower difficulty to test my suspicions. So I come here and vent my dissatisfaction at an achievement denied.
  10. seems the total number is 165 because ... of ... um ... math ... errr could have figured it out earlier if brain was not so foggy
  11. Thanks for the answers. I feel better about failing at my latest personal challenge which was to get 100% explored after breaking Interloper with double bear skin coats on day 24. Pleasant Valley is quite pleasant when it feels like +11 C.
  12. In my current run I have found 131 locations and am only at 79% explored with just Forlorn Muskeg remaining unexplored. Anyone know what the number for the current 391 build total of Interloper locations is? I now suspect all the burnt out buildings of Interloper will prevent me even achieving over 90% explored. If 100% is not possible, we can add this to the list of game metrics not tuned for the hardest difficulty.
  13. The Constant Mender maze is not meant for you.
  14. Leather reinforced armour and dual wielding heavy hammers here we go. Come at me wolf bro