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  1. Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd nothing. Seeing as how I can't figure out how to add a 'Quote' to an edit on here, I'll say it like this I suppose. What about the person that did actually respond with their CPU/HDD usage? Maybe they got an email.. Lucky..
  2. I feel as though I was respectful enough at first, and that my attitude is in response to their customer service. The customer may not always be right, but if the business is the one that is mistaken, then a customer has a right to be upset. This all likely would have gone a lot smoother via email chain, I should only expect so much trying to resolve an oddball issue in a thread. That being said, I would like to know more about the CPU HDD pause theory. Is this something that can only result from a background process interrupting? I too had tried reinstalling, so I wouldn't think it likely to be a corrupt or mismatched file. As I said, the problem seems to have gone away, but for those who are still experiencing the issue, and for me if it ever comes up again, I would like to see this resolved.
  3. I am currently unable to recreate the bug to check the CPU/memory usage. I will let you know the next time it happens. And whether or not I've checked, your turn around time/follow up for responses is pathetic. There hasn't been that much activity in this sub-forum. "We will get you support" is a little asinine isn't it? How about "we're experiencing a high volume of activity", "We're looking into the issue, and will get back with you as soon as we can with a suggestion", "I see that our last idea didn't work out for you (the other person), I apologize for the delay in our responses, but we're working on coming up with a solution." Use a little tact buddy, I'm a customer and I don't have to.
  4. No, that's why I came here. To get some SUPPORT. They started trying to help us with the problem, then just fell off the earth.
  5. Yay, so much for looking into the email reply issue. And yay, so much assistance on here, I really feel like I'm being lead towards a resolution to the problem I inquired about 3 months ago. Much help wow!
  6. Furthermore I have nothing in my inbox/spam folders. I still have the email in my gmail sent messages, but with no reply attached. And it only happens in TLD. No other games.
  7. I have tried with nothing running but the game. It happens when not recording of course. And I will have to get back to you about CPU/memory usage, though I'm sure it's nominal. I could attempt to see if it spikes when the lag occurs; windowed mode or something.
  8. Yea, not too impressed with the devs on this one, no one official reply to this, or email reply to my actual support ticket. Was really looking forward to the campaign, and just continuing to play in general. Unfortunately this bug is too frustrating to play. Any acknowledgment from support whatsoever would be appreciated. -Salty
  9. Hi, First time poster here, and I have an issue with lag. Played TLD for awhile sometime back, didn't have any problems. Then I put it down for a few months, and now every minute or so, the game will drop from a buttery smooth 60 fps, to 1 fps for 3+ seconds. I stuck with it for 3 days, but now it's ended up costing me in some close encounters with wildlife. So I'm hoping someone can help me figure out a way to make it stop . I'll post a link to a video that shows exactly what I'm talking about. EDIT: Added a screenshot of my rigs hardware including the applications I typically have running along with TLD. I play on a high end PC that I know can run this game on max settings, which I do, but for the record I have tried all settings, top to bottom in-game with several minutes of trying each one; no resolution. Also, the issue persists no matter where I am or what's going on in-game. Launching windowed/fullscreen, DX9/11 did nothing as well. I'm nearly convinced it has nothing to do with TLD, and that it's either another application running on my system that's doing it, or one of my nvidia control panel settings. I just have no idea how to figure out which. That's about all I can think to say, I'll forward this message to the support e-mail as well. Thank you all! Lag occurs ~0:08 and 1:08: output_log.txt