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  1. I get what you mean with the period of disorientation and how it would not be the same if one uses a dice (and that IS a very funny aspect of using the random selection not knowing if going straight ahed or left or right is the best way). My concern is for those that "dont want to play story mode" I cant really understand why anyone dont but thats their choice. I'll play story mode as soon as it releases before going back to survival mode and I can't really figure out a good way to "deselect" the new maps aside from a button that says "old maps random" and "all maps random" Why would you start a survival game when story mode comes and play that first? You do play testbranch right? So that all new mechanics and UI will be experienced before anyway.. I'm curious
  2. I believe that an unlocking feature would be bad since there are players that clearly state they are not playing for the story mode or even waiting for it, but LOVE the sandbox/survival mode. I wouldn't want to randomly spawn into the new maps either, but take a dice and set ML to 1, CH to 2, TWM on 3 and so on and you can randomize your starting map anyway Think outside the box
  3. Mr.Zim


    This is how I know hinterland! Open and without problem to talk to the people even if they are (what I read between the lines here) too upset to be civilized ATM.
  4. cartography I have been doing since I started the game, paper and pencil next to the keyboard and it looks so alike to what I see on the in game picture so this is Really cool! Coming to PS4 is a huge step and I know some of my friends who will get it on PS4
  5. This is a good idea! I'm missing the cooking update mostly, the rock throwing is so basic survival I'm glad they added it and throwing flares will be fun since I came into TLD after that was taken away.
  6. Mr.Zim


    So after cooling down and having a night of bad sleep (due to other stuff) my respect for the devs are back and I wasn't expecting story mode but a timer for a timer NO! I still feel used during these countdown weeks.... Now to what I'm thankfull over instead. Story mode date, GLORIUS! I did not expect that to happen this year even. (trust issue here thou) New UI and HUD looks cool and I want to try it out ofc! The in-game world graphics and set details seems to be a LOT more than what it is today, in only a good and more realistic way. All 5 episodes included in EA price, NICE! I only thought 1-2 would be free for us. What I have gotten for my 20 bucks spent on the game I'm happy with and having ALL 5 episodes for that price is a bonus thou well earned after this countdown set back, I think its a setback after lurking the forums both here and on steam given all the frustation and I think many lost their trust and thats what they are butthurt over if they would meditate and find the reason. Dissapointment comes from expectations, and Hinterland did build a lot of expectation without promises (important to remember we wasnt promised ANYTHING with the counter) Please Hinterland keep your wishlist to yourself and give us a list of what you ARE developing in the game as this seems to be very misleading for more than half the community from my point of view. Something doesn't work at the day you want to ship it in testbranch, well just make a statement on it with the testbranch info that always comes. We have a lot of love and are willing wait but to raise and drop expectations like this with the previous fails on release date and all is bad. I'm glad you are taking your time to make good game instead of rushing it. The trailer is really cool!
  7. Mr.Zim


    After reading on the new TLD site, this countdown was just to get us hyped and tell our friends, its just commercial. HInterland this SUCKS! I feel USED! Okey so a sandbox update IS coming, why not today?? Please tell us U planned it for today at least. Not totaly onboard here I mean its an early acces game, but the feeling right now is "-I'll find a different sandbox to play" I really love the game and until now how hinterland has given info, but now this is for me a huge setback in respect for the Devs. Fuck.... Hope it goes away when the dissapointment does.. This gives you more players but made us who does play and have helped with bug reports just a big bad end on the day, after hyping it for a month.
  8. Mr.Zim


    I'm sitting here like its Christmas eve and I'm four not 24. Hype, hype,hype
  9. Mr.Zim


    I'm so Happy and excited!
  10. I want a pistol/revovler, I can see how its a fast shoting, self defense, no hunting gun (well that rabbit who is running straight towards you wants to be dinner so just do it). I also think that a revolver is better because in my head it is more likely for a revolver than a pistol in general to bring down a bear. Now I'm no gun expert or hunter and there IS pistols just as fine as revovlers too, but in general when I think about it. When NPC are added one might be able to hide it for what good use I dont know but one could wich would not be as likely with a hunting rifle. Now my head is trippin away on something of a revolver in the right hand and a knife in the left, the rifle and axe taking up both hands, one could use a lantern inside a cave and carry the revolver out without dropping the lantern, spin on and keep up the thinking!
  11. Glorius! So much time I will spen in front of the screen once the test branch is released!
  12. Mr.Zim


    Really nice to see that my opinion is not mine alone here! Thanks guys!
  13. Mr.Zim


    I would really like the abbility to use a melee weapon of some kind, be it an or the rifle turned upside down and used as a club (would make the rifle cleaning kits more valuable) and have been thinking about a spear with the ability to catch a rabbit or deer sprinting infront of me while playing, this is kinda bugging me at the moment in the game. I would definently use the rifle as a club if I ran out of ammo in a survival situation. Also to this melee ad a skill, so when progressing to the highest level one would be able to stand with a big rock at the back and let a bear charge one self and put the spear down in just the right time to kill the bear like the old indians did. The spearhead being possible to craft from flint and at the forge (flint for fire and a big piece of flint for spear making). This thread could be moved to general discussion also, I let the moderators decide. Any ideas on how to make this possible and positive/negative thoughts on this?
  14. Really good idea, and I would not want a NPC looting my hidestash while I'm out fishing for example, but when the NPC's are on, the only really safe stash could be the safe's around the world or a posibility to craft locks or finding keys.