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  1. I remember a while back on the developer roadmap there was a long-term goal of adding seasons... Any progress on that? I would really like to see how the world changes after the events of Wintermute and the Aurora.
  2. The thing with snares is that they only work while you're absent. Check them once or twice a day. No point hanging around them as the bunnies can actually run through the snare and not get caught.
  3. I can confirm that you in fact, CAN snare rabbits. Just like sandbox, look for where the rabbits run around most and place your snares there. My ideal spot (albeit a little bit of a trek...) was behind the Grey Mother's house, up the hill. There's a radio tower there, overlooking a small pond with a broken tree. Rabbits run around there quite a bit, so I placed 5 snares there. I'd catch at least one daily there. A side note, there's a fair amount of cat tails there too. Happy surviving!
  4. Spoiler alert! This topic is about something that occurs later in Episode 1. Read at your own peril! So... I got to the part where you climb down the rope to get down the cliff to leave Milton for Perseverance Mills and I was quite loaded up (48 kgs) and of course, the rope wouldn't let me climb down. Refusing to part with my hard-earned bounty, I did what anyone who has played Skyrim would do... I climbed down by hopping down the various lips along the cliffside. Not only did I not take any damage getting down, I also get a mystery dialog stating that the rope must've been older than he (the character) thought. I'm going to guess this wasn't intentional. Perhaps put in dialog for if you did something like this? Or maybe just make it absurdly difficult to do what I did without getting hurt.