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  1. Agreed on all counts. With the wolves, I also died a bunch trying to cross the bridge. Worst though, was after I got across I got jumped by another one with no cars around (torch never works unless you manage to hit them in the face). Still haven't made it across again.
  2. Hey All! I get this issue on startup. It doesn't happen with other games, and didn't happen before the update. Any ideas on why this is happening and what I can do to correct it?
  3. I'm stuck in the same place, it's not actually down the ravine. It's on the upper level, by the frozen waterfall just south of the train tracks.
  4. Sorry for the late reply! I don't actually know where the rope is, but I'm right by the waterfall just south of the train tracks.
  5. I'm stuck on a rock in the ravine. Please fix! It's super frustrating to have all your progress halted by a rock.
  6. Stuck in the Ravine! In the rocks by the frozen river. Tried crouching, getting in and out of a sleeping bag, reloading. output_log (3).txt
  7. Hey All, Just encountered a bug where I am no longer able to select items in containers to move them. It occurred after the character was over-encumbered, but persisted after dropping everything, and also when I reloaded from a previous save. I was unable to select items in my inventory or in the container, however inventory without the container worked as normal. output_log (2).txt