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  1. My master plan: 20,000 calories and 30 coal in the Trapper's Homestead. If the building becomes unsafe Day 4, I'll walk thirty feet to the transition zone cave. Either way, I have ~48 hours of fuel on hand and well over a week of food. No rifle, but I don't plan to be outside unless I need to sprint for the cave.
  2. I've found two already. One under the bridge near the Radio Tower, one in the hut by the Mystery Lake climbdown spot.
  3. The Aurora will release into both Wintermute and Survivor Mode on August 1st.
  4. Eh, I really can't stand mapping. It feels too much like clearing away black fog instead of actually drawing a map, which may not seem like a big issue but really turns me off towards the system in general. That, and I've been playing since 2014, so I've got the regions memorized pretty much down to the tree placements.
  5. The flickering is a fair indication, but I'd like the upper-left meter to be visible while my lamp burns if at all possible.
  6. If we actually saw improvements to the wolf AI beyond see-and-chase, sure.
  7. Looks like they've planned in advance for certification - I would expect August 1.
  8. I just want to have bars so I can actually know where I'm at.
  9. Okay, I'm upset too, but he's not "hiding behind a bot" - it's clear he can access this account so it's not like he can't just see it. He posted this same stuff on r/TheLongDark using his own personal account. I'm not going to be defending Hinterland either, but let's be fair at least.
  10. Willkwi


    Just so you're aware, Raph is claiming this as his idea on his twitter, opinions aside.
  11. Willkwi


    In the spirit of fairness, they gave us an absolute release date in 2015 too. Thank you for your opinion, though, and if you can still support Hinterland, I truly, wholeheartedly respect your decision
  12. Willkwi


    Yes, I get what you're saying, absolutely - and if you feel like you want to continue backing Hinterland, I truly, wholeheartedly respect and support your decision, but the nearly-double jump in price today with still no deliverance on promises from 2014 just doesn't allow me to do that in good conscience.
  13. Willkwi


    If they correct the behavior that I feel crossed the line, I'll happily revert my review. My opinion is that at this current point in time, supporting Hinterland isn't something I recommend. That may well change sooner or later.
  14. Willkwi


    Actually, it means PC will have to wait another 2-4 weeks to have the option to test the update - Xbox is stuck until June+.