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  1. Also a blue print or gun magazine or book should possibly be needed to make either gun and the more you read the better the build and integrity of the would be.
  2. This just a spitball but what if you could gather materials such as several pieces of scrap metal, wood, craft a firing pin from a fishing hook, and use regular ammo but have a short duration and need repairs after a few shots. Or even a craft able air gun out of the same but with more scrap metal or some can or container for the pressurized air and you'd need to pump it up before a shot but only make it able to kill a rabbit or bird and over pressurizing it would damage and if it is it would leak air and cause a less powerful shot. Other than that i guess the ammo could be made from small rocks/pebbles or from scrap metal.
  3. Personally i think the hatchet, hunting knife or even crowbar should be equitable as weapons. They could be used as defensive weapons to ward off wolves or for the brave kill wolves. Also they could be used to kill a rabbit or deer if you corner it or are fast enough.
  4. Should the tools you find along the way such as the hatchet, crowbar, hunting knife or even metal working hammer be usable as a defensive or even offensive weapon.