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  1. I like your idea! I was thinking the same thing; if you're constantly carrying around a heavy pack, why not gain some type of muscle mass after awhile to help with your loads. But, I'm also thinking that because it is a survival game, you need constant protein for you to keep that muscle mass and if you're not getting it then you become weaker rather than stronger. Who knows when your next meal is in this game, it could be scare with that new update they implemented. That's just my logic though, still like your idea!
  2. I didn't know everyone was an expert on these things. I gave my opinion and what I know on it, which is obviously very little since I have a knowledge check by the two of you, but I didn't need it. Everyone is free to their own opinion, I stated mine and you stated yours which is perfectly fine. But, nothing was friendly about your replies on the matter. It was more of a "bashing" if you ask me. If it wasn't your intent, then I must have misunderstood all the knowledge you two were handing out when that was not my purpose of my opinionated statement. Have a a good day though
  3. I shall try that and see how it works! Thank you for the advice!
  4. I personally wouldn't mind being able to recreate your own electricity with a workbench or even using moving water which they're talking about putting into the game. I get that a geomagnetic disaster hit making all previously operated type of electricity is beyond repairing, but who's to say you can't just make your own? Finding electrical wiring, car batteries that work, using the old school turbine and flowing water method to produce your own electricity. Benjamin Franklin discovered electricity, while Thomas Edison made the first light bulb.. I highly doubt they had what we have today to make electricity happen. With that being said, I'd enjoy having some time of method to producing electricity because it is very likely even in this geomagnetic disaster to produce electricity. According to psychiatrist Kelly Posner, Columbia University, geomagnetic storms and the explosion of solar flares "wreck havoc on people's moods, sleeping patterns, and their circadian rhythm," but she states nothing significant as to it being able to wipe out the power grid. In fact, the only two major geomagnetic storms to hit was in 1859 called the "Carrington Event," which produced Aurora Borealis lights so bright that people were able to read at night, but it also hurt the only telecommunication system in existence, the telegraph and then in 1989 called the "Black Swan" which hit Quebec causing to them to have go blackout everywhere. Even then... people were able to use aurora-induced electric currents in the wires that still allowed them to transmit messages and use certain electronics. So I wouldn't necessarily say that it would fry everything, but if TLD wants to stick to being realistic, electricity should be included into the game... even if it's only a little or when using it to build your own permanent cabin of some sort. Just my opinion.
  5. Thank you for always keeping me updated on all the new information that makes me spark with excitement each time! Hinterlands crew, you amaze me on how awesome you all are with communicating with your ever growing community, so thank you for keeping in contact so we know what's going on. Seriously though... Even if it's the little things that are tweaked or talked about I get ecstatic and even though this is just a game, I look forward to playing it after a stressful day of studying and work. I hope the new updates come out real soon!! BIG FAN!
  6. I'm excited for anything at this point. I've been waiting long enough to know that every time a new update on the roadmap pops up... I instantly glow with exciement and more ideas on how things will actually work out. But that's just me. Thank you Hinterland crew for all your hard work, big fan over here in Colorado!!
  7. Absolutely LOVED this show. Binge watched it in two days, so worth it though. Definitely recommend this show!
  8. I'm particularly interested in: No Man's Sky ReCore Civilization VI KINGDOM HEARTS HD 2.8 The Last Guardian Scalebound Everyone should be excited and awaiting TLD Story Mode, who isn't? I used to play a lot of games such as Black Ops, MW, Zombie type games, and Battlefield, but lately.. it's just becoming way too unrealistic for me. WAW and MW2 was by far one of my favorites in its earlier stages, but the more the developers produced the ever demanding games the more they added high end technology that made it boring and imporbable. Maybe that's why I am becoming more involved in the survival type games; the realism is very exciting to me and you can learn so much from the community and the game itself in every day life. Although games such as Kingdom Hearts and Scalebound are not realistic, it is definitely different than your typical multiplayer kill or be killed by that grenade or noobtube that was launched across the map 10 seconds after you spawned. Haha Any recommendations for XBOXONE or PS4 games are greatly appreciated. I do have a steam account, but I haven't been on it in awhile, I am willing to go back to it if I get some good suggestions.
  9. All those dogs can or have the potential to pull a sled. The list is my prefernce from experience and knowledge about their breeds.
  10. I personally am looking for a dog that can hunt, survive harsh weather, and defend me as well as itself. I can't have a dog that can only do one or the other or else my companion just won't survive at all. I wouldn't have done the poll as such, more so pick dog types and listed their pros and cons, but this will have to do. My list would have to include: Alaskan Husky Canadian Eskimo Dog Russian Bear Dog** Alaskan Malamute Anatolian Shepherd Rhodesian Ridgeback Most of these dogs were originally bred for hunting and can live in very cold climates. As far as protection, they each are known to be very loyal. They each would be an amazing companion as each has their own ability to take charge in a game like TLD!
  11. PallasD

    Companions? :)

    He's like a teddy bear, I absolutely love it! They can weigh anywhere from 130lbs to 220lbs!! Such an impressive dog and would be PERFECT for this type of environment!
  12. PallasD

    Companions? :)

    A dog house wouldn't be appropriate unless you're leaving your dog out somewhere instead of traveling with it and or TLD includes some sort of build your own fort type of thing where you plan on building yourself a permanent home for you and your companion. In reality, any and all breathing things are edible. Some are looked down upon and maybe even illegal, but I wouldn't see a reason to eat my own dog because if it came to that point then I obviously suck at surviving in a game if I can't prepare myself for even the worst. Dogs can eat just about anything. Even today, people feed their dogs raw/cooked meat (beef, chicken, pork ect). In Alaska, they feed their sled dogs half dog food and fish that they catch in some chicken broth. So, I wouldn't worry at all what to feed the dog, but feeding for two is a little more challenging which is more exciting. I would like top of the top of breeds when it comes to being able to protect itself from wolves and even a bear if it may have to and be able to stand the cold and harsh winters. Sled dogs are good for traveling which would be amazing as a form of transportation in the game if they even considered it (it takes so long sometimes to travel from one place to another). A type of sled dog is an Alaskan Husky and or an Alaskan Malamute. Even an Eskimo Dog would be great for the harsh conditions and can even hunt side by side by you. I personally would like a Caucasian Ovcharka (Russian Bear Dog) as my companion. Great for protection, great for transportation, great for harsh weather conditions. That dog is an overall beast compared to other dogs in TLD conditions. Depending on the dog, they may eat just as much as you if not more than you. Making the experience of surviving that much more thrilling. I don't really mind how much it eats, just as long as I have the food for it. Which is why building some type of fridge to store food would be ideal with or without a companion. Killing a bear would give you and your dog enough food for a few days if not a week without the need to hunt anything else. But that's just me... I would just really enjoy some kind of interaction with someone or something else that doesn't include wolves or bears.
  13. PallasD

    New Animals

    I would definitely like to see more than just bears, wolves and rabbits. I saw other posts about bats and what not, but I'm looking for other predators in Canada. Let's say... Bobcats, Lynx's, Polar Bears, Arctic Foxes, and maybe some cougars! Other small mammals such as weasels, foxes, badgers, and raccoons would be exciting as well! Not only would it be more challenging, but it would definitely open up a variety of clothing that people are really wanting; new foods, new weapon builds, maybe even using more of the animal for shelters and forts people want to build. I'm sure many others have talked about this, but it's been awhile and I'm new to this forum and can't backtrack weeks and months of some of the amazing ideas people put out... So.. I'm reopening the idea because it seems that TLD community is looking for new and exciting things that should be talked about more since I'm not sure if anyone is taking any notes from the TLD production crew. I mean someone was complaining about wanting a vast amount of new trees instead of birch trees, which normally group up like that and they're one of the more popular trees in Canada, but that's also an idea too. I'm not from there, but I could be wrong. Correct me if I am I'm sorry if this topic is a repeat, but going through 10-15 pages of topics and seeing little to no replies on the topics of new predators, I wanted to talk about it again. Sorry again in advance.
  14. Hi everyone, I go by PallasD or Destiny, which ever you prefer. I just got out of the Air Force as a Weapons Director and now I'm going back to school to further my education in Botany. So wish me luck because I just changed my degree from Pharmaceutical Sciences and it was rather difficult for me and I ended up not liking the line of work whatsoever. I've played on Steam for a little, but I mainly play around on XboxOne or PS4; sometimes PC games do intrigue me. I've never got to experience TLD on steam yet, but I did get it on Xbox and with what little that has come out for the platform I am simply captivated. I definitely will be playing more of the game to discover how far I'm able to survive and what new ideas are implemented into the game itself. I'm open to new ideas and or games. I used to play a lot of first person shooters, but recently I've been captivated by survivalist games (probably because I am fascinated with nature itself and how it survive on it's own). That's about it... Glad to be here in this wonderful community and hope to learn new things about TLD!
  15. PallasD

    Companions? :)

    There will always be nay sayers no matter where you post an opinion, so it takes a lot to deter someone who knows these are ideas for a GAME. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. This is a forum so they can say what they want, but so can I. But I honestly don't get how taming/domesticating an animal leads to abusing it?? They're like small children, they need that nurturing from a guardian of some sort. You don't abuse children to get them to listen to you? Nonetheless, puppies or cubs that are given love and fed properly should have no problem with having a companion of that sort. My thought process is it being a game, you're giving ideas for a game. Yes you're trying to be realistic about it, but at the same time you can be realistic about the fact taming/domesticating bears and wolves happen all the time. They have a sanctuary for wolves in Colorado Springs that lets you feed and take pictures with them on tours for crying out loud. But never in my mind did I think that abusing an animal for it to become a companion would be okay, if people think that's true or that you'd have to do that in a game or in real life... should maybe get some help haha I just like the idea because you're not totally alone and you're able to interact with nature on a whole new level.