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  1. whats your point.... this game is actively in development right? You think anybody that offers a comment on what they think could improve gameplay are completely out of line. If your not being inflammatory why am I inflamed go back a few months read your comments just make a thread called... "I love this game just as it is .. its so awesome! Anyone thinking otherwise should just shut up and play like I say too." I'm not trying to be inflammatory here, but theres really no need for most your comments. They are trying to help and maybe offer something valuable to the development of TLD I don't think Hinterlands goal is to get people to settle with it. I could be wrong I don't remember ever seeing you comment on expanding on a idea or clarification on what they would think could be a better way of doing something. I must say your argument that they got more than 5-10 hours of gameplay for their buck more than makes up for shortcomings ( OMG the game may actually have a few. ) Maybe your just trolling and I just took the bait. If its ok with you if I suggest a water management system I don't know where I get all these plastic bottles but maybe I should need to find containers or craft a rabbit flask or something I like immersion and seems easy thing to do and makes complete sense .. I would also like a long time goal of surviving to be focus any rational person wouldn't just run around using everything up till its Easter Island. Doubt one person could anyway I realize this would be extensive and perhaps better for a The Long Lasting Long Dark. I really love the concept of this game and would love to see it evolve into greatness use TLD as a stepping stone or make a DLC like "TLD Seasons" and many others for those of us who think it could improved and those who don't can just keep it real. I would think that producing revenue is a issue and I'd be happy to pay for a well constructed DLC based on players ideas and advise. But a rushed POS would be uncalled for. I have been subject to this There are plenty of games with virtually no replayability that only offer many 5-10 hours of gameplay that cost upwards of $60 or more... so please no more … polishing is understandable ..... some ideas... TLD Critters " AI so improved they may start judgement day" TLD Crafters Edition " Learn to craft thing like greenhouses, how to use car engines in new ways ect" TLD Seasons " That meat isnt going to do so well in spring as well as many other problems they bring" TLD Drone Edition " trade in your rifle for a fully functional strike drone, that bear better learn some new tricks" ok maybe not that one anyway that's my 2 cents … thanks if your reading this still and feel free to comment or build on it, im sure many think the same way but im just a human so could be completely wrong edit* also wanted to add that the whole eating raw food while trying to cook it wasn't like People were doing it cuz they are morons it was due to design wasn't because they forgot or did something wrong id hate it if game was about pressing buttons in correct order or do something so stupid it kills you only way someone would eat raw meat is if they had no other choice it would be a rational decision and not a accident
  2. Right on man... I'll agree with you.... sounds like a great point to me.... I cant succeed because I don't have the tools to do so (before anyone drops fanboi comments on me) I know its possible to eek out a living …. I don't think that's his point …. I don't see how the lack of resources makes a game more challenging... there should be a way to be self sustaining or did we revert back to stone age hunters gathers … you can make a diehard no supplies setting for people who think no opportunity = a challenge … some people would consider becoming self sustaining a challenge in itself survival mode should be about surviving with a glimmer of hope to live why not just say.... your going to die game over. Personally I rather focus on things like that than micromanage a sprain. I cant learn how to grow stuff and nobody ever heard of a green house on bear island or solar panels or steam even … just a idea its ok to talk constructively about things and not always defending something that no ones even attacking. How can things ever improve if people just settle for a workaround or … what was it... "And even if you do die from the lack of non-respawnable resources well as they say "nature always win", it just took it's time doing so." want to get technical a island that size should have np problem supporting one lone human and a handful of wildlife I could repurpose modern tech to frontier tech no problem I could catch a few rabbits and start breeding them ect… So please no more with nature as a one use item and only course of action is move on till nothings left … its not realistic its not fun (for me and like minded) … Whats their plan anyway survive till someone comes even thou you don't know if they will. Id wager any sane person would conclude to survive you'd need to plan ahead at least a few weeks (very least). I bet no one would try to survive in this fashion at all … unless they had a reason to believe help was coming. Anyway I think game would benefit greatly with this as the core goal, not easy mind you … wolves may eat your rabbits, a storm may damage your greenhouse, poorly constructed things may fail, and adding seasons would offer new challenges ect … use your imaginations. why bother answering ….. if death is only guarantee, why bother.
  3. Raph…. stop impressing me ,for gods sake I'm not supposed to feel moved in a modding discussion thread! I am a 46 year old male whom has been playing computer video games since I around 11 years old the very first game I played was Zork ( I think that's the name) it was a word based game. For me at that age and time was... Meh. Then I played Kings Quest and that game lead to the lifetime hobby of computer gaming. I liked the complexity and problem solving that they offered as opposed to console games. I have been playing games on the reg for most my life. I however know very little about coding or modding, and copyright law. I have had a lot of experience in observing relationships between gaming companies and their forum communities for sometime I have seen some monumental blunders and to be honest very little humanity so im pretty much a average Joe whom tries to keep a open mind. I have heard of another Raph, hes in the industry as well through the years I have come to like and respect him as well, his name is Raph Koster. I mention this because the company he used to work for ( Sony on line entertainment) operated a game I loved and to my amassment had a such negative effect om me that it'll follow me to the grave. I will never be able to purchase a Sony product agian even knowing the parent company had little to nothing to do with its subsidiary. I cant go into what a train wreck that was but I saw pretty much what to never do done again and again. What I meant by motivation is ummm yeah money, to some people its all that matters and to other its the means to an end you can look at your forums and see a percentage number of the total units sold or you can see it as your customers who thought it worth their time to give it extra attention ( good or bad ). Emotions and politics are a funny thing and often have more of an effect than even the facts on a issue, unfortunately a genius can say all the right things the wrong way and be passed over for a moron saying all the wrong things the right way. It so important to be patient and understanding to remember we are just human beings and cant be anything else. Locking threads and silencing voices will never be a positive thing if your wrong you cant change the facts but only your opinions. Boot licker's make us feel great using words like flawless, masterpiece, perfect and the like, words that don't even apply to the human species, I have never figured out what the true intent are of these types of people are unless its just to appeal and be accepted, as it can be tempting to surround yourself with yes men .. well I don't know anyone that helped. When I play TLD I don't think about how much of Raph's life was poured into it or the effects it had on his life and a matter of fact chances are I may have given no more than a seconds thought to it other than reading the name I just want to have fun. When I leave comments I probably don't consider or even comprehend what emotional value it may have and thus having the completely opposite effect I was intending afterall we are the heros in our own stories and its hard to consider that we may in fact be the villain. Anyway back to the topic at hand. Ok caught me! I just recently started using TLD mods about 3 weeks ago. I used the Wolf hat, the bug fixes, the musical instrument, the dear skin coat, the water management, the one that bypassed snapping the bunnies neck (after all I want my daughter to love me), and additional clothing and food. I felt that adding these would in no way effect TLD's outcome. I have paid for the game and in that way supported Hinterland. I will say I was amazed by the mods and it crossed my mind several times why Hinterland wasn't working with the modders and at the same time understanding that the issues could be complex. It took me some time just to get them to work Im not as good with a computer as id like to think but finally figured out java enough to get them to work. In the process of trying to figure it out they made it very clear that if I chose to mod TLD that Support from Hinterland was omitted and to have the modded version watermarked on screen at all times it was repeated many times that reporting a bug to Hinterland would be a huge waste of their time. I can still see people doing it just because of the nature of people and can understand why Hinterland would be against it, to be honest Im really not interested in playing without them now however that could always change I wish that both parties could work together but understand its a complex for example if Hinterland used a mod to add to the base of the actual game itself, is it stealing ,can they profit from a modders work. What if hinterland added something that appeared to be a modders work or idea would it cause conflict. I have no idea and (not to be callus) don't care. I just understand theres reasons I may have no knowledge of. That's my 2 cents from an average guy (least I hope I am), now if it took money or profited from Hinterland id be against it I can also understand that they cant go on forever with no revenue stream, Ill also note that progress seems very slow and game in current form seems far from finished I can see a lot of potential in its design and hope it lives up to it. Just don't be an SOE. Keep up the great job
  4. yeah would be a gen chat for people playing the game its your game too forums chat just as good im sure
  5. I get what your saying but that requires me to stop playing the game read then type and only one person at a time sorta deal and they may not log back in a week was thinking of a room where all actively playing can chat in real time
  6. I'm not a dev but chat has been around since... you had mail lol... remember that .... but should be a easy thing to add make it something you must elect to have so those loners can still be loners i play Star Wars Galaxies and we have a general chat thats introduced me to alot of characters sometimes i log into the game just to chat buts its a MMO sooo umummm... i never seen it suggested just wanted to throw it out there
  7. I think wolves are so bugged you couldn't possibly know whats intended actually all wildlife seems way off. IMO rework of all critter AI could make this game epic if done well have the animals fight for food.. wolves track your scent if they cross your path (with ways you can travel that changes their success)...ect . Don't want to get into all the stuff but you get the idea fewer smarter meaner animals maybe aurora could even change a few.
  8. Maybe adding a few chat rooms for long darkarians to chat it up
  9. Any plans on expanding fishing .. Like the addition of a fishing rod or using hand to use the line if yes what mechanics will you add. Will I be digging around for grubs to use as bait anytime soon. Fish so hungry now they bite empty hooks
  10. Are you planning on adding some critter backstory ... Like why are the critters acting crazy what's affected what isn't why are they affected ECT... And are you planning on a critter AI revamp maybe add pack behavior to wolves or maybe that's a affected behavior. If changes are to be made any hints as to what changes you have in mind? Could you go as far to have the wolf fog up windows trying to sniff you out while your hiding in a car or maybe even in a cabin. That would be terrifying
  11. This is my first comment I have been watching this game and reading comments for sometime, I have recommended this game to several people after vetting it detailing what I perceive as strengths and weaknesses. So you asked a few questions I'd like to answer I cringed when I saw you release dates and from witnessing several other developers make the same mistake. Some lessones are best learned unfortunately it's a terrible one and eats up so many hours that could be better spent doing pretty much anything just to crowd control and not ruin yourself. I think you did very well, another phenomena that I see is the fanboi .. Only way I can make sense of them is that they feel any criticism is an attack, to me it seems it goes to a point of extremism and is more harmful than helpful. I see them try to make bugs or problems seem intentional let's look at one thing that needs a lot of work " CRITTER AI " now I don't know what's involved what's possible ECT . I do know it's terrible and completely breaks immersion and cheapens gameplay and experience wolves have no personality or behaviors that makes them feel alive almost all aspects from baiting to attacks even the pathing is just awful ( Its all critters it's so bad I assume you know it already) , perhaps if they behave unlike wolves pre disaster a little backstory could be introduced maybe player finds a ransacked research camp that was. Monitoring wolf behavior and offer some backstory in this fashion. Could even make it a mini mission story arch of some kind adding content as well. I really hope you plan on sinking resources into all animal AI it seems like almost none has as of now so I assume you have just not gotten around to it yet and don't want to waste to much time on it till that time comes. As I stated I watch this game closely including the modders. I know this is a touchy subject and why .... But I see it as a wasted resource as of now ... Embrace it or waste it I know it's your game and your experience and they jeopardize it but I doubt trying to stop them is a good use of your time reach out to them instead maybe even add a few to the payroll. I think they only want to help I've seen them try to reach out to you with bug fixes ECT and get no response not sure if it's a pride thing or legal thing just saying maybe more in your interest to work with them so bug reports etc get done right and make sure people with mods aren't wasting your time with bug reports and perhaps they can work even work with you. it's your game but it seems like to me they aren't going away and ignoring them or trying to stop them is counter productive and a waste of time. I have been impressed by them actually even thou I haven't used any as of yet I have been watching. Anyway I hope this is helpful I'll post more if you'd like I'm sure most my observations have your attention like losing arrows and arrows damage, blood trails ECT... I am using my phone so sorry if presentation sucks. I have been meaning to give feedback that's hopefully useful to you .. Really love the game see so much potential hope I can see it realized not wasted as I have watched so many others do. I can see you love your baby and care for it. It's a great change from the cash grabbing I see from almost all other dev nowadays. I will do my best to return that respect for your game but no fanboy butt kissing here I will always do my best to offer constructive criticism .... Keep up the great work ... Oh one last thing you are spot on with never.. Ever giving a date not even suggesting it'll be done in a month .... But it's good to show that work is taking place with updates ECT people like me look weekly and so many times there's nothing even a small update would be nice .. One day I hope to see something like ... Today we started on wolf pathing next we will be working on adding a fishing pole and mechanics for using it ... Well something like that holds my interest and excites a lot more than a deadline for me .. Ok peace