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  1. Seems related. I can confirm that I have encountered what you're experiencing.
  2. I didn't want to continue because it was off-topic, but may as well finalise it here. 1) Feathers respawn, scrap metal is abundant. 2) Harvesting a broken arrow returns the arrow head and 2 feathers, which means subsequent arrows crafted with the recycled arrow head only cost 1 feather + shaft. Arrow heads are never consumed. 3) Birch does not respawn, this is the limiting factor in your arrow supply. 4) After 1798 days (Stalker) I still have hundreds of scrap metal left but only about 40 arrow shafts. Once they are all gone I will be left with a handful of arrow heads, feathers and spare bows - all being completely useless at that point.
  3. Can confirm to have experienced this phenomenon also.
  4. Have been doing some testing and am able to reproduce this easily. Any Hinterlander care to comment?
  5. I feel the same, but this particular save is just an experiment to see what will break first. I dust it off every now and then.
  6. I've noticed this more than once but it wasn't exclusive to clothing. Just recently I looted a corpse in a cave in TWM which contained a packet of beef jerky and a skill book (not bad!). I then quit the game without saving. When I came back the corpse had nothing on it at all. :`(
  7. That would be my best guess. This was the last achievement I needed so I just made a new save on Pilgrim and powered through it in a few hours. Didn't use the distress pistol.
  8. Just came here to report this. Had 5 arrows in my inventory, 4 simple and 1 broken. There was also a 6th arrow that I had just fired into a wolf. I know these were all there as I counted them. Loaded my game and I now have 3 arrows in my inventory (2 simple and 1 broken) and the arrow in the wolf is also gone. Can I have my arrows back please?
  9. I got this on the 30th of December. Not much I can say to help other than "good luck"!
  10. I've had this happen too, when putting medicine into a container that already has the same medicine in it.