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  1. All I play is Interloper. Easier to just avoid wolves, or drop a decoy and shoot them with an arrow. Sounds like you're contradicting yourself. "better ways to use your firewood", yet say that building up a 9H fire would be better than say a 6H fire with an Improved Fire... kthen. Fishing is nice and all, but I never do it in Interloper. Get all the food I need hunting animals. Currently Lantern Oil is only used for the Lantern, which you somehow get from fish. Meanwhile you say that "Good luck with trying to stuff 25 stones in a piece of wood and then pouring some oil on it and hit it with a hammer." What are you even on about. Most of the crafting in this game is unrealistic. Would love to see you make a Bow out of a branch and animal guts... Just trying to give some suggestions, yet you seem intent on being a dick.
  2. Who uses stones to distract wolves though. No one, that's who Why would an upgraded fire be useless or OP, pick one, and explain. For the wood component of the Whetstone, the stone is attached to the wood as a base, like the one in game and some real ones. The oil component would be because you often want to lubricate your whetstone when using it irl. Plus it would make Lantern Fuel actually sought after and useful. There's very little reason to fish in the game at the moment. Fish are heavy, you often need to keep a fire going to do it, and it's time consuming. Hunting is 10x better than fishing
  3. I think stones could need some more uses in-game. Possibly some crafting recipes or something. Right now it seems they were only added to knock out bunnies with. Yet they are everywhere. A couple possible crafting recipes I'd like to see: Improvised Whetstone -25 Stone -1 Fir Firewood -1.0L Lantern Fuel(another item that could use more uses). Incentive to Fish. Requires Forge, Hammer, and Work Gloves to be crafted. Make it heavier than the default ones, maybe 1kg so carrying them around isn't practical, but about the same degradation on use. Create or Upgrade placed Fire -5 Reclaimed Wood(or some other non renewable resource) -15 Stone In Radial Menu with regular Fire. Option to upgrade already placed Fire. A placed Fire that retains heat for a couple hours, slowly loses heat over time. 10c Bonus when the fire burns out, drops to 0c over 2 hours. Basically something nicer looking than the regular fire, that will let you sleep near a fire with a heat bonus for an extended period after it has burned out. These are just a couple simple ideas I had for Stones being more useful, since they are plentiful but mostly useless. Obviously they could be balanced different to make them harder or easier to create depending on game difficulty.
  4. Sometimes I like to sit and warm up or bring my cold meter down outside without using Pass Time. Usually like to Alt-Tab doing this, but can't do it because it pauses the game. Is there some way to disable it?