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  1. Platform: PC Version of the game: v.349 I've noticed few disign bugs at Ravine location. BUG #1. BUG #2. It's in the cave near the deer body.
  2. Platform: PC Version of the game: v.349 Location: Lakeside BUG #1. ""Tree in the rocks". Just a tree that doesn't care where to live so it has grown inside the rocks. BUG #2. "Magic icicle". Icicle near the CAMP OFFICE is floating in the air. BUG #3. "Hole to the void". I think I found hole between rocks at the edge of the map not far from CLEAR CUT. Also I have one question to support team. Is this important to report these type of minor desing bugs or it's unnecessary? P.S. Sorry for my ironic writing style. I just like when text is fun.
  3. BUG #1. I was travelling from Ravine to Mystery Lake and noticed, that i can avoid trigger that "moves" you to the next location. So u can fall down to void under the level. Also from one place u can see the level ending. Attached some screenshots down. BUG #2. Just a small bug in the one of the fishing hut's entrance. U can see on the screens below.