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  1. Great map. Didn't last more than a day lol. 1- Appeared somewhere between trees, walked around collecting sticks. 4 hours left of light. Found the way to mystery lake right away (If i truly wanted to survive I would have gone that way but I wanted to see the map). 2- Made a fire because I was freezing. Slept one hour I was really tired already. 3- I started to walk and gather sticks again but there aren't many, followed the rail because it usually leads to somewhere. The view was beautiful. 4- Night is falling. Found a train collapse, some things in there, light a fire, there is some COAL THERE AND YOU DON'T KNOW HOW HAPPY I AM, there was a serious lack of sticks. I'm freezing. A bear is near. Spent some time near the fire. Bear is around. I'm nearly all night trying not to freeze, get out to get more sticks, and the bear is still around so i'm paranoid trying to avoid him. 5- Four hours of darkness left, one hour of fire, no more coal or sticks. Bear near. I sleep one hour and follow my way through the train rails. 6- I get attacked by two wolves. 7- I die 7-Nice game lol
  2. I'm currently surprised at the thought that I have never heard about anyone suggesting snowballs or that the thought, in a place surrounded by snow never came to me. I'm really on board this.
  3. It's true that TLD is a game that doesn't seem to suffer from low FPS, you don't notice it that much. I have Windows 10. CPU Intel Core 3120M 2.5Ghz. Intel graphics hd 4000. RAM 4GB and I run the game between 15 to 25 FPS. (Average 18/22) In other games 18/20 fps are a problem. Here? It's good. Doesn't ruin anything. ****update**** I bought a I7 6500U, 8GB RAM, Gtx 940mx 2GB notebook and I run the game in ultra now at 45 fps.
  4. ^^^^^ I'm waiting the same thing because It gives me way too much trouble to enter. Every time I want to play I have like three crashes before it loads and once I'm playing I have lost way too many games (which I saved), but noup, no way to recover them.
  5. I have been saying since forever that I literally want more parts of the maps that are dangers for themselves, Avalanches, falling trees, weak ice. No more furry zombies.
  6. This is the wet cloth mechanism without doubt. For example you can see that what's wet there it's the gloves, which if you only have wool or cotton ones they would get wet from snow pretty quickly.
  7. After I put the message I thought about lures but didn't comment on it. It's true we could craft it or maybe find one. I refuse to believe there isn't even one fishing set in camp office Getting a fish without bait or lure can definitely happen haha(I love fishing so it has happened to me), although definitely not like in the TLD XD.
  8. We can fix the fishing part by actually needing bait. Hunting or gathering becomes important to be able to fish.
  9. I knew the radiation could spread but I guess I underestimated the power of it. That would be a big problem pretty much all over the world then.
  10. I come as a representant of Argentina. If there is one thing that we always joke with people here is that while we do have technology and are dependant on it as much as anywhere else, If we go outside of the cities and towns we have a lot of space to hunt, to fish, (a lot of farm animals) and there are lots of crops, Argentina biggest production is agriculture based, so the point is, we know that if something like in TLD happened, would it be bad? yeap, definitely, but we would know how to survive. A good size of the population knows how to do all of the above or at least isn't so detached of it, because we aren't that far away from nature in the activities we do. Specially the ones that didn't grow up in big cities (I raise my hand). We wouldn't have a disaster in hand with Nuclear reactors, there aren't that many around big populated areas (most of them are in patagonia) and the country is a big one, compared to the size of the population, one could escape to better zones. Did I mention the presence of many horses too? Good thing to have around for this lol. But overall, South America is a good place,depends where though, Chile for example would be a terrible place to be inland, because their food production is mostly sea based, the amount of people around would be a good defining thing to take into account, how things could go to hell just because of people. Australia and any place that's remote and hasn't lost complete interaction with food production or nature would be good too. It has to be a place that hasn't destroyed good size of nature, because that's what we would need to survive.
  11. I really really hope it is. My thoughts on the roadmap New Experience Mode: IF IT IS A NEW DIFFICULTY PLEASE YES. The Hunted, Part 2: Great, I will have it for when I finish the first one because i'm still dying lol. Coastline & “Beachcombing” Gameplay: This is absolutely great. Also, I don't know about all of you but I'm going to make a new gameplay just to throw myself into that open water and check things out lol. Archery Skill: Great First-Person Presence: Light Sources: Saw a picture, A++++++ on this Decoy Exploit Fix: I haven't used it but I have heard about it, so great thing. Steam Trading Cards: No comment UI improvements: Waiting to see what we get Specific world art improvements: Don't know what it will be, but anything to make this great game even greater I'm in. Modifications to persistent Feats: good, there are some that should be changed.
  12. I agree with the wolves. I am hoping that in some future updates they become more of a threat as individual but are less abundant. If they were close to bears in threat we would take them quite seriously and think about having a rifle or bow before getting anywhere near. (Of course, if they were like that we would need less of them or things would get bad).
  13. I maybe exagerated in the way to describe the wolves, (many around but nothing impossible). I described everything trying to stay realistic. If the town was abandoned by people the first thing they would take is food, meaning that looting will be of everything else but not this, maybe find something, but not much. Anything left behind could be what attracted the wolves there in the first place and the -no animals- near could be because they still think that populations are around so they don't get close. I do agree that populous areas don't really have a foot in TLD, i like to dream though lol. Airfield/Airplane graveyard it's a really good idea.
  14. While to be honest if I imagined it it would be awesome in my mind, I think it would break the setting the long dark is in, it's too big, if we have something "urban" we could probably get a really small town. (No more than 250 people or even less, 100) something like 60 to 20 houses which should definitely have very few loot of the edible kind and the street be plagued by wolves (because it would be just too easy other wise to be here). Or maybe the lack of food would make one leave the place (no wolves or others animals near it).