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  1. This game consumed me as I played every last mission. The visuals are amazing and the game play is addictive. The story is massive and the world is overwhelming at first. An amazing game!
  2. Hello and good day, I just recently joined the forum as I love to play, test, buy, watch, live, taste, smell everything gaming. I stumbled upon The Long Dark a bit ago while watching a YouTube video. Seemed very different from a lot of the other survival style games coming out so I decided to give it a whirl. I am now hooked. Great game. A cool different game play and a very artistic world Hinterland has created. I have also spent 100s of hours in Unity and love that this game was created with Unity. As I can tell the balance of the game is being adjusted frequently, yet I love the fact that they keep the game feeling real and the threat of death is always over your head. I reviewed the game on a Website I run here: http://thingpile.com/index.php/categories/207-the-long-dark-game-review As for myself, I was a touring musician for a while. After that I got into game development and started "Attempting" to create games. They all sucked, yet I gained a ton of experience from doing this. I really enjoy the audio side of things. I have created over 100 tracks of audio specifically for games and movies and such. I love atmospheric music and love the works of Jeremy Soule. Here is a link to a portfolio of my works: http://www.justwallrecords.com/MarkMauerPortfolio.html For a day job I am a bug tester and application monitor for an Online Donation Application. I also help with the QA process. I very much enjoy the challenge of testing and logging errors. I think that is what finally lead me to join the forum here was to actually help test and log issues for a game I love. It's been fun so far and look forward to upcoming releases. If you made it this far in my overly long post --- Thanks for Reading...and thanks to Hinterland for creating The Long Dark Mark
  3. This seems more like an Enhancement request then a Bug. I don't recall the harvest time being effected by the sharpness. I may be wrong? That being said I do think it would be cool functionality to the game -
  4. Thanks a bunch - Been meaning to get on here. Great info here for a great game and game studio
  5. Love these Updates - The lighting indoors is great! Very well done and makes it much easier to get stuff done indoors. The time it takes to get tired is a little more realistic when climbing in the hills. Makes the game a little more realistic as you would be tired after walking for 7 hours - It does make it harder to get stuff done though, which is fine. All in all I love this update to the game -
  6. Cool - New Animals, building shelters and a bunch more ! ! Spring SandBox? Not in winter?
  7. I feel that this game is 100% unique compared to other games even in the same genre - Nothing else quite like "The Long Dark"