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  1. I'm not sure if its in the works, I know in development you have been holding out on releasing alot of code but ill say it anyway, I think it is an important aspect of the game to have the freedom to drop light sources while active, though the brandish feature is great so far from my experience. The actions definitely need to include dropping light sources at your feet while active. From my experience you can do this with a flare, but not a gas lamp? As well as throwing light sources. Anything from a gas lamp to a flare or even a lit torch. I think throwing a burning torch at a wolf approaching would be one of the 1st things to mind surviving that situation.
  2. At the moment when using a light source in hand there is almost no relative movements of objects in hand. I think the new gas lamp movements and perspective based movement are a great improvement. But I think it can still be improved on a great deal. As always, never quite sure if its in the works but I'll say it anyway. I think all the light source objects sit to close to your face when equipped in game, they need to appear to be held further away from the perspective. The item should be slightly waved in turn with the players movement. Example, flare light source, waved slightly down and left upon left turn, waved slightly up and right on right turn, waved slightly further forward upon acceleration and rearward upon deceleration.
  3. RaZ0R

    Makeshift spear

    This game needs a makeshift spear. Survival 101, survival from predators like wolves and bears, get a knife, put that thing on a decent stick and make a spear. Most industry grade combat/hunting/survival knives come makeshift spear ready, with holes ready to fix with line. I think if implemented in the game it should be crafted with the combination of a birch sapling, line and a knife.
  4. You can already equip a rifle or bow, I'm not sure if a feature where the axe, knife or crowbar (prybar) being equip-able as weapons is already being added in future, (I have checked the road map its not specific on this) I believe it is essential to be capable of equipping your knife, axe or crowbar as a weapon, it is stupid to think you would always wait to be mauled before fighting back with your sharp or blunt object. In my opinion its is essential this is implemented and done right for future success of the game. Being able to swing them freely in game is another thing completely though, degradation etc. perhaps only the option to attack with left click/right trigger with a timing cue for the first attack? This could also be accompanied by equipping these weapons and tools for any generic actions (chop wood, break ice etc.) This I believe, would give the game more of a 'hand's on' feel and experience.
  5. See the ice floating off the side of the rock, make a fix hinterland?:)
  6. Even throw 3 flares at a pack surrounding you, be on the run from a wolf and throw a flare at him while you run, I am hoping they will integrate advanced use of this prospect with the new wolf AI on the way.
  7. Willdo, ill start taking notes on any audio dropouts and supply a full system spec for you. Thanks guys and keep up the great work:)
  8. I guess it remains a 'mystery' lol, thought that was pretty cool when I googled mystery lake and the first thing to pop up was this very remote location in Canada. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mystery_Lake,_Manitoba
  9. 55.877949, -97.633263 Mystery Lake Manitoba Canada
  10. I worked in abbatoirs for over two years, a proficient slaughterman and beef boner, alot of people preferred to use the aluminium carbide stones but I always stuck with a whetstone. A whetstone if used correctly with water (and soap) will not degrade if much at all from sharpening. The big degradation risk lies in knocking around your whetstone and chipping or breaking it during transport. As a proficient knife hand of industry I feel this game play aspect is unbalanced. I believe If water is used, the whetstone should last a lot longer.
  11. I understand throwing flares has been removed and it now only brandish.. I think both should be available depending on the situation in maintaining advantage in a close proximity encounter with a wolf.
  12. This glitch seems to mostly occur when the character is speaking out loud. Just before something is said..
  13. Building skills, depending on book topics to pass time, defs!
  14. Animals are smarter than we mostly realise.. I think wolves would manage to open containers used to store mad goodies like fresh venison, I would like to see an implementation of a makeshift fix using crafted sticks to secure containers from hungry wolves. Also there would be close to no chance of having food stored amongst a frozen human body and having it protected from sun and wolves, I feel this is a major game play aspect that needs to be closely coded to realism. Cheers, wish you safety out there!