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  1. Fortunately I was able to hobble together 4 rose hip teas and getting back into the long term stride of my circuit. I'll be more keen on collecting any hips that I may not have acquired, however, I still believe this should be "healable" without the use of painkillers. Or provide more hips, renew them or provide some form of alternative for Interlopers. I understand this is an edge case but still, it makes me very, very wary to around Bullwinkle and company!
  2. @Serenity, Its not that I have never used; its just the length of this run has used much of what I gathered. This run has been going on for quite a few major updates and at the start, I collected many of the hips and converted into teas. As the mechanic changed, I had to re-evaluate usage. I totally try to avoid problems and even with wolf bites, the pain will go away with adequate rest. I feel this should be the case with broken ribs as well.
  3. On a very long run of almost 1500 days. Typically I avoid anything that might severely hurt me. However, moose surprised me near Qstation resulting in...broken ribs. I waited the prescribed time of 120 hours. And then waited. And then waited. One hour remained. I did not apply bandages or use teas because with other ailments, I can rest the prescribed time and the pain will heal. I understand if the bandages need to be applied however the requirement to use rose hips teas presents a huge issue. I know this is an outlier case, however, since the rose hips are non-renewable, my mobility is
  4. Depends on your goal, condition, etc. Knife inflicts a lot of damage but your struggle lasts a while Hatchet, especially when sharpened, is my weapon of choice. Struggle is moderate but in most case will kill or cause a bleed out. Dont forget the hammer. The hammer will quickly get Wolfie off but be careful, as he may circle back for another round. Damage is only minimal and will not lead to bleed out or a kill. GL!
  5. @OSMAN on the Steam forums posted his 10 year vanilla loper run. I'm currently running a 1400+ day vanilla Loper run and have thought long and hard about the possibility of indefinite survival. In short, yes it is possible; albeit, very hard to maintain "easy living" Supplies are not an issue but finite resources like cloth, metal, birch and maple all will eventually expire. Yes beach combing can offer goodies once in a while but in very late game, I suspect the frequency of goodies would be more like finding
  6. I've been looking for the rules for Deadman. In my first attempt, not understanding the conditions (used the custom code to load) I survived only 3 days. But in that time and recognizing some of the conditions (aka no recovery), it definitely has me thinking strategically different. Some things coming to mind are: 1. Temp loss is the most crucial element to worry about (this is true, however, in any Loper run) 2. Focus should be on knowing shelter and using resources as they become immediately available. In most Loper runs, I expect and use the condition loss as a catalyst to get to
  7. @Malkbeth "....I don't like to read wiki or any tutorial..." totally agree. I know a lot of people use tables and charts to know how much things weigh, times, etc...but to me that takes away from exploration and discovery. Not meant as a slam on those who do use, I just prefer to remain "in the dark" and discover things on my own.
  8. I think that's a great start! Been a long time since my first game but I think last only hours. Keep trying, which means dying, and you will discover some great things! Good luck and happy surviving.
  9. "Inner"/"Outer" layers appear in the clothing grid menu when opening your clothing dashboard. I agree its not immediately obvious but, regarding how much information is shared to the player, we must remember an original mantra for survival is "no hand holding". This creates opportunities for the player to create and discover new things even when you've become and long time experienced player. I know I've experienced a lot of "duh" moments along the way and while I empathize it can feel frustrating, at the same time, its eye opening and can change survival strategy. "Tutorial" information
  10. Survival allows the player to write their own story Wintermute tells Raph’s Story. Both have positives and drawbacks but, imo, the ability to write my own verse keeps me locked on Survival.
  11. @Support is there or is it even a possibility to extract daily journals from an existing run? Even in game it’s a Pain to open the journal and review notes. . It would be nice to be able to extract those entries as a way to share survival stories. I have a Vanilla Loper run of 1363 with lots of journal entries but it’s tedious scrolling through the days to find my entries. Is OCR really the only way to pull this text?
  12. @Looper never done a custoM run but I’m game! To be continued... random location? Are feats allowed?
  13. Haven’t heard these but I’m game snowball? Only out or transition in blizzards??? Sleepwalk? Movement at night only? deadman?? Movementnonlg when fatigues??
  14. @UpUpAway95 no argument from me. TLD is a personal experience no matter how you learn or acquire knowledge. The truth, like you state, is being able to execute your skills.
  15. @UpUpAway95 it is true, Skilled Lopers, the Lopernati, have knowledge of all facets of the game. Some may have acquired knowledge via the wikis, tables, forums. Others, like myself, have learned completely by playing the game. It’s taken many hours but with time comes experience and mastery. Then there is super mastery when you really begin to hone your survival efficiency and discover how little you really need to survive.