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  1. OS: Ubuntu 16.04 Build: Steam 2014265, No version indicated in game menus. v1.05 (32319) [from versions.txt] First of all i feel like a big congratulations on official release, Congratulations! I have had many great moments with The Long Dark so far and am looking forward to many more. Bug: Items picked up lack any descriptive text, after a short while the indicator for inventory load will appear. When selecting the item in the inventory descriptive text is shown as intended. Bug: The function keys Caps Lock, left Shift, right Shift, left Ctrl, right Ctrl, left Alt, right Alt all correspond to a singular numeral input. The numeral input is not repeated as if the button is being held and the function keys work as intended. For example writing WAM while holding shift will result in 0WAM. Feedback: The indicator for shelter for the wind, I assume that the shield with a wind symbol indicates this. Does not fade away like the rest if the HUD, I would prefer that it did since it is a bit distracting, and playing with no HUD is a bit difficult for me. Feedback: I miss the book journal. It is a smaller thing but i would love for the return of the traditional journal from previous versions of the game. I appreciate the new system with the menus for this purpose. However for for me who really enjoys writing journal entries of my travels, struggles and successes as i go along, the book for really helped make it more immersive. I imagined my character getting inside on a especially cold day, and after getting some heat going jotting down entries into a book they carried on their person. So i would like either an option to turn it on or a actual in game item to serve the same function. Forum feedback: Firefox 54.0 alerts of lack of https on the site in general, in particular login. Manually routing to https gets a """The owner of has configured their website improperly""" and does not allow connection to the site. Sincerely Christopher
  2. Current Version: 332, Steam OS: Ubuntu 14.04 So I had a lot of game crashes in the area of coastal highway. Most often they seem to happen upon transitioning to either inside outside of a building. I had one crash while managing a container inside a house but that might be unrelated. Wolfs can often run in place shortly at a specific range when they barrel towards you when you carry a flare. Writing any amount of text in the journal and pressing ESC will cancel all text written. I would love for there to be some quicker way to finish up writing a journal than clicking out to finish the entry. On that note I love the journal. I don't know of how many great games I have played and I thought to myself. Man I wish there was some in game journal system so I could write of my travels and thought during the game. And now I finally have one There could be some text on predator meat describing the risk for parasites. Firs time I ate some wolf meat i suddenly saw the notification of the increased risk and almost panicked. I had and still have no idea how to deal with a parasitic infection if it hits. Another thing i would like is that you don't have to re equip matches every time they burn out, it is a bit silly to cycle all other light sources to get anew match. I find myself doing this way to often since the lantern guzzles fuel like no tomorrow.