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  1. I play on Xbox One, and I've made at least 100 fires since the badges update released, but my fire master feat keeps resetting to 0%
  2. Pretty sure it was .349 because I had just finished it
  3. So I play on Xbox One, and decided to play whiteout. I beat it with 10 days to spare, but it didn't unlock the challenge saying I beat it. Am I missing something?
  4. Ya I think I won't either. Need a better challenge.
  5. Thanks guys! Playing on voyager. But if I die, next run will be stalker.
  6. Howdy! Gamer tag is stickman787. Been playing on xbox one for a while now, and am hoping for the longest time survived for a record. But we'll see. I live in the mountainiers hut on timber wolf. I'm on day 370 and currently have over 120 arrows, 20 axes, 30 knives with over 60 scrap metal (not including hacksaws to gather more) 86 rounds when I run out of arrows, over 300lbs of water laying everywhere, around 600 matches, 800 rose hips and 500 mushrooms, and plenty of cloth, guts, hides and everything else I need. I looooove this game and am happy to see such a nice community. SOO excited to see what this game brings next
  7. Either add something for it, or make it less punishing for eating something that people eat IRL anyway. I just find it frustrating and would like to see something come of it is all. Just a suggestion though.
  8. I think there was but can't remember. Havant been to mysterious lake in a long time. Mainly living in the mountain lol
  9. One extra click for something you don't want to consume?
  10. True. The map is my first pick anyway
  11. Mainly, a map would be nice. I mean, it's Canada. And there are camp offices and cabins. There's bound to be a map somewhere. It could be a rare drop per area (mystery lake, coastal highway etc.) and the map would only be for that specific area. And the compass would also be a rare drop and mainly for new players, or during a snow storm/fog.
  12. Would be cool to see a sled that can be made from different kinds of wood and scrap metal. Just something to go and gather wood, sticks and meat if you have a home base that your living at for long periods of time. Would walk a bit slower and can not use items while pulling. Also can only pull on fairly flat ground. Making you go up and down steep hills to gather items and bring them back to the sled.
  13. There have been many times when playing the game, where I meant to eat or drink something in my inventory, but accidentally take a nibble out of something raw I had just hunted/harvested. Though I quickly cancel the action, every time I do, gives me food poisoning. I'd like to see a "yes or no" option for raw meats. And maybe food that's in bad shape or "ruined". So nobody gets food poisoning by accident, which could cost them their life.