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  1. Guys, thanks a lot for the helpful and thoughtful words. If you would like to see more of my films in the future please follow me on Vimeo! Thanks a lot, I'm learning more and more and have a new account which hasn't really really got any attention so just a bit of advertising here.... not sure if this is rlly allowed ? But anyway it would be great if you could follow me! Thanks again and glad you enjoyed it! Sam
  2. I agree they probably won't focus on guns too much, and I am glad because I don't want it to become anything like an fps... However as you said I think a shotgun would be nice, stoked for the other features coming up though!
  3. . Thanks a lot guys! Planning on making another at some point, just need the right ideas!
  4. Fairly sure this is a common thing but I have been experiencing wolves glitching when lighting flares and waving them around. For instance here: fluffy started moving on the spot and I was able to stand over the wolf. Its not too bad but can just kind of ruin the immersion when you are in an intense wolf situation... It's kind of funny though. I'm on a Mac lowish settings. Thanks just thought I would say something
  5. Interesting. Just a few things. I only meant fresh carcasses - If newly shot or killed by a wolf etc. And with the fluid thing I suppose there might be a counteracting thing. Like it depends how good the clothes you are wearing as to whether its worthwhile crawling inside the a carcass - It would also depend how long you stayed in, if only for an hour or so you wouldn't be covered in freezing fluid and you could try and make a dash for it I'm not sure. However I do really like your idea of using it to warm your fingers; I just had the idea but wasn't sure completely how it could be utilised - that sounds a pretty cool plan. What do you think Hinterland?
  6. Firstly, I'm not talking the night in the TLD, that was just an example - only like a few hours to try and pass or get through a blizzard etc. And if you have sufficient clothing that moose carcass etc. might just help you get through that crucial moment.
  7. Firstly, the game isn't the most realistic thing ever so I mean if you want to talk 40KGS of items maybe we should talk about food curing if they are going to introduce seasons? Or the fact that if you leave your stuff outside it doesn't freeze. You are just sleeping - its like a sleeping bag with a warmth bonus for a certain amount of time. And secondly this isn't just Hollywood, the Revenant is based on a real guy Hugh Glass, and there are multiple other stories, one near to my home town where a guy was hunting in winter and fell of a cliff, he survived because his horse took the fall but his legs where severely broken so he couldn't walk, to survive until someone found him, he slept through the cold night inside the horse.
  8. I'm not completely sure about body sizes. But I believe you might be able to fit inside a moose if they introduce them? Also, the body is better warmth than the outside, so it would at-least protect you for a while, and there might be an increased chance of infection but that would be part of the gamble, I'm not sure you would necessarily die from it though, if treated afterwards - this kind of thing has been done many times in real life.
  9. Hey guys! I made a short film with a friend about a post-apocalyptic scenario. Its not directly about the Long Dark but It was definitely inspired by it (as well as being inspired by The Road). Here it is: I hope you like it and enjoy! Please comment what you think.
  10. Dear Hinterland, I'm not sure if someone has already asked this. But it would be cool if in the future you introduce a gutting mechanic in which in desperate situations you can crawl inside of a freshly dead animal and sleep inside, using the warmth of the animals inside for shelter. I have heard multiple stories where people have survived this way and did u notice it in The Revenant ? I'd like to see what people think .
  11. What do you fellow players think about my thoughts? Do you disagree? Please post, I'm looking for some good discussion . Sorry about all the '(on roadmaps)', just want to make sure you guys know I know its already a plan . First off, I want to start by saying I have had some of the best experiences of any-game playing TLD, and I want to thank Raphael and the creative team for that and for all of their continued efforts on developing this already excellent game. This post is just about what I have felt and thought over my approx. past 4 months of gameplay, (whether already on the roadmap or not), and wanting to hear what others have to say, so here we go: I would like to talk about the 'hunter gatherer' vs the 'hibernate' lifestyle; In my opinion the hunter gatherer way of operating is great; you roam across the land looking for scraps of food to survive off and somewhere to sleep the night, constantly wary of wolves or the odd bear. There are I think a few possible developments to be made, such as the ability to find and setup tents, increased numbers of wildlife (more than whats on the roadmap, eagles?) and NPCs (I know its on the roadmap, but I just feel NPCs would be great and would add more character to the game, literally...). And, in desperate situations, to be able to gut a newly dead dear or other animal and crawl inside it for warmth. I have also felt for a long time that seasons would be amazing, growing food and getting ready for winter whilst in summer, however I am aware this has already been put on the roadmap so that is awesome! There also definitely needs to be an increased amount of possible items to be found; personally, I think a shotgun would be a good addition. However, second way, the hibernate lifestyle; is the one that I think needs most development; There should be more mechanics and gameplay to keep this kind of player on his toes. Meat should have to be stored correctly as to avoid maggots and rotting (adding realism as well as interest), and storms should be able to break in parts of your shelter (this would then further utilise the use of the rebuild mechanic on the roadmap). I also feel you should be able to sit on chairs and customise your shelter (this is kinda on the roadmap) more, I want to make clear I don't mean like a sims game, but just to be able to add more character and a sense of home to your chosen safehouse; being able to sit is a small thing but I do believe it would be magical, watching the fire as it crackles in front of you and then falling asleep. I am aware there have been additions that try to help with the repetitiveness of hibernating, such as cabin fever - but I believe cabin fever is more of an annoyance to the player and although keeping you on your toes it doesn't actually put much additional enjoyment into the game. So in summary these are some of the most pressing things that In my opinion are needed for the game: Increased variation for the hibernate lifestyle; More shelter customisation and the ability to sit on chairs. (on roadmap) Meat curing and realistic storage. Storms breaking in parts of your shelter. Other additions (aware most of this is already on the roadmap); Being able to gut dears and crawling inside them for warmth. Finding tents and setting them up. Seasons. Being able to grow plants in spring and summer. Increased numbers of wildlife. Eagles? More items; shotgun?