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  1. It's definitely not location specific. I've had it happen, always on exiting - the top of DP lighthouse, the bottom of the lighthouse, Hibernia, Riken, Quonset, PV Farmstead, the train tunnel when exiting FM to ML. I did have it happen once upon entering Quonset, but it dumped me right back into Quonset and then kicked up, for the first time ever, the false 'out of memory' save failure.
  2. Nah. I tend to establish a base myself, and chopping down a whole tree has zero appeal to me. It's way too much effort for the gain and then we really start getting into the question of seasoning wood. With fallen limbs, we can assume they're dead and dried, which is why they broke loose and fell. If we ever had any sort of building, what I would want is the ability to scavenge boards from the broken down sheds and use them to fix up another shed, improving the windproofing... or chop them up for reclaimed wood. Similarly with piles of planks, you can either chop them up or drag them back for shed repair. We've already got the tools, we'd just need nails. The real issue in both cases is that you start getting into deformable terrain objects. The game is already keeping track of thousands of objects as-is. Adding thousands more isn't exactly a good idea for performance.
  3. Heck, master carcass harvesting doesn't even limit you to an unfrozen carcass.
  4. @MarrowStone, was leaning more toward the bottom of Crystal Lake myself, but... I like your idea.
  5. Hold on a sec... define what the heck makes someone look unstable? Because last time I checked, we often hear of serial killers, mass shooters, spouse and child abusers, and sexual predators being described by their neighbors, friends, and family as "nice, quiet individuals," "always so polite and kind," and "I'd never think they could do something like that." The OP's suggestion is an ignorant over-simplification of mental illnesses and now you're suggesting something that is grossly stereotypical as an indicator. That someone may mutter to themselves, be nervous around strangers and/or not make eye contact, and whatever other outward signs you think indicate a person is 'unstable,' and therefore untrustworthy, are garbage. Millions of people live normal lives everyday with mental illnesses of varying degrees and aren't dangerous to anyone. At the same time, millions of people with no mental illness are raging jerks to other people everyday and do harm to others, mentally and physically. That's exactly why something like this shouldn't be in the game, because it's based on ignorance and stereotypes that are ridiculously harmful.
  6. Meh, I can hand wave that. I mean, I'm pretty sure that most of the building interiors (ones with loading screens, that is) are actually bigger than their exteriors, but I'm pretty sure that's not that uncommon in games either. That's just design/development/artistic things... doesn't make the engineer in me go, "There's no way that could be in that location after the crash."
  7. Yup, the achievement is to not kill anything.
  8. That's not really how mental health works. You're suggesting rolling a bunch of very different possible mental health issues into one generic lump. And, to what end? What does this bring to the game?
  9. But it has been addressed, it hasn't been ignored. It's been said on multiple occasions that animal behavior is something they are working on/are going to work on. So, discussing it is especially good, because that let's them know what direction the community would like to see that behavior take.
  10. Pretty sure the predator has to be agro'd on you before it pays attention to dropped decoys. In pilgrim, unless you put a projectile in the bear, that's not happening... and not sure how effective that even is in pilgrim. In the other difficulties, it's easy to lure bears. When they agro on you, they'll just keep plodding along toward you until you get too far away or they lose line of sight... or you let them get too close and make a chew toy of you; which would be silly of you. You can drag that bear just about anywhere you want it and set up whatever shot you want. If you want predators to just go after any old meat you drop, that's a lot bigger issue that gets into outdoor meat storage as well. Pros and cons of that have been hashed over quite a bit.
  11. I'm always for more options, but that would also require more animations, which are time consuming to make.
  12. If there was any chance of ruining the arrow while doing this, then why would I? It certainly wouldn't be worth the risk to waste a limited resource, not when I can just stick an arrowhead on it for zero risk..
  13. Yup. Isopropyl alcohol is the best disinfectant. Hydrogen peroxide is great for disinfecting hard surfaces, but it actually damages new cells and can actually impede wound healing.
  14. The difference would be area (square miles or square feet of land), rather than location. There's a lot of map area that doesn't need to be crossed to get between various points of interest locations. What I'm used to is that to get 100% explored on a map, you not only need to go to the various named locations, but you also need to go to the rest of the area as well. Exploring the unnamed, off-the-beaten-path wilderness. I'm a bit disappointed if it's really only based on named points of interest. That means a bunch of map area can be ignored and lowering risk.
  15. Huh... it's based on points of interest? I always thought it was based on the map itself, like is typical for explorable games.