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  1. More than once I've tried to navigate by the stars. I'd like to suggest better patterns of stars in the game. And while I'm at it, a chance of finding a 7x scoped rifle. I'm always right clicking my rifle to look at things.
  2. Video will show what I see now in v.338 Graphic set at ultra.
  3. Sometimes the minority are very loud. ;-) I had no problems with parasites, added to the game IMO. I juggled my food consumption around, fished more, only ever got to 4% risk and don't recall getting sick.
  4. This annoys me. I'm in my pack pack/food tab...wait, am I hungry? No idea, the calories only show when I start eating something. I have to go press tab, checks the stats, then come back. Bah. I'm too absent minded for that.
  5. Two screens of where I got stuck in ML. One location I knew I would get stuck, tested that theory out. The other location, I was running from a bear. On the plus side, the bear couldn't get me. :-)