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  1. I am excited about the update, the feats to improve stamina and calorie consumption makes sense, well, especially the stamina. It makes sense that both the feats and skills would improve with days survived and knowledge/experience. I love the snow hut, my only grip would be the graphic looks so small it doesn't seem like someone could get in there... however, Im English - what do I know about snow huts... I think the changes in general look great, am excited about opening up TLD and having a play! Thanks Hinterland!!!
  2. I'm in the UK so anything I could post about my experiences would be tame! Three of the most potent memories I have are: A sponsored walk when I was 8/9 in mid wales, we were doing a route called the roman steps, and came across a cow struggling in labour, I was walking with my best friend Emma, and her mum. The vet was already in attendance and we stood and watched a calf being born by c-section. I had never seen anything like it, it was awesome. Im a horsey person and my ex was a farmer - so now I have seen many calving's and foaling's both natural and c-section, but this is the one that sticks in my mind the most. It was a cold winter - by our standards, I live in Cornwall - last winter we didn't even have a frost, but that winter and morning, the ground was frozen solid - When we let the horses out to the field, we would open a gate and send them up the track they would take themselves up the field. It was my morning to turn everything out, When the last two went through the gate, for some reason I followed them up. Half way up the track was a fox cub, eyes still closed and so tiny. Very lucky to have escaped the hooves of six horses! Knowing that the mother was probably still around, I backed off, went up to the field, waited... but she did not come back - the little man would not last too long on that ground so eventually I picked him up and took him home. We called the local wildlife support, he stayed with us for two days and I called him Stitch, it was the year of Lilo and Stitch and he sounded so similar! They came and picked him up and he was taken to the next county along raised and eventually released on national trust land. Riding home on my mare (who was very sharp and flighty) a few years later, I came across a baby rabbit in the road, again eyes still closed, should not have been above ground yet and something had attacked it, it had a chunk of ear missing and was bleeding. So I jumped off my mare and picked him up, put him in the pouch of my jumper and got back on my mare. Have you ever heard a rabbit scream? Its ungodly - sounds like some kind of screeching demon!! Just as Im putting my leg over the saddle - he lets out a scream and my mare bolts forward! I stayed in the saddle but I've never seen her so unimpressed!! Our cat had had kittens that had just been weaned and was such a sweet thing, for the first couple of days she stuck close to the baby rabbit, curling up with him! We popped him in a hutch and when he had grown a bit allowed him free run.... we took great care to not domesticate him and one day he took himself off for good... At the end of the summer I got a call from my mum to come over to the main house, there he was, chunk out his ear looking all grown up, he died in my arms an hour later. Finally, and a little more in keeping with dangerous encounters, my father used to do a lot of expedition kayaking in his younger days, he was off the Scottish coast with his friend, and a pod of killer whales surfaced next to them, his friend said 'what do we do' to which my father replied 'there is nothing we can do, we are dinner or we aren't!' He said it was awesome, humbling and petrifying all at once. The pod stayed with them for a while then disappeared - there was a photo, but it got destroyed in a housefire years ago now.
  3. Ah did not know that, although that sounds good to me - it will certainly help with the sleep mechanism, I have never played stalker, but even with voyager the whole sleep for 4 hrs and then 'pass time' was a little bit tiresome - I mean -who survives on 4 hrs?? It would kill me - I love my bed too much!! Can't wait to start a new game this evening and try the changes out.
  4. I have not played since the update - I plan to start a new game this weekend - Ive been playing the cute and fluffy 'The Flame in the Flood' quite a bit So will set up a pilgrim and voyager game this weekend and see how they go. Yep, my understanding is that Fatigue is changed for pilgrim and more in line with Voyager now
  5. Well, in voyager (pre hotfix) the main differences to pilgrim (other than the wildlife tries to kill/eat you) were as follows - you need to consume a lot more calories per day in Voyager You freeze/get cold a lot faster in Voyager (thats what I mean about temperature) you fatigue a lot faster in Voyager I love playing both Pilgrim and Voyager but personally would like a Pilgrim to still present the challenges of freezing, fatigue and food demand but without the predators viewing you as food
  6. Can't comment on cabin fever and parasites as have never experienced either - but changes to lighting and fatigue sound good to me! Would love to see the same done for temperature in pilgrim too in the future.
  7. As some people have already said, many of these ideas are addressed or will be addressed through the course of development - I generally play voyager but I do have a pilgrim game too, helps me explore and familiarise myself with the map and generally just live without looking over my shoulder but I also get frustrated with the fact that my character does not really get cold, hungry and tired much and would like to see the only real difference between pilgrim and voyager being the animal behaviour. With regards to characters and specific abilities, I have thought this too - however, I would not want the female characters skills to be so gender specific, Im a woman and the only thing I can sew with any competence is plaits in horses - give me clothes and I would cause more damage than good! This is the modern day, and any skills should reflect that, there is no reason why she could not be a wizz with a bow! You never catch me sewing or creating healing potions - but fixing cars - fences - building stone walls - that I could do without a problem.
  8. To add to my initial post- no fluffy day day 1 and day 20 and no blizzard either time, I was playing in Voyager both times. In addition, I have to add that I have only ever encountered Mr Fluffikins upstairs, but then that is not saying much... I have only ever ventured downstairs once (the day 20 play through) so it may be that on the other time I did not encounter him he had spawned downstairs... I don't generally spent too much time hanging around in the dam to find out!!
  9. I have to say I have had two visits to the dam where I have not seen Fluffy, one was a day in and the other 20 days in... I can't be certain but I am pretty sure the weather was 'not great' but not full on Blizzard on either day - yet still he was not there.
  10. beechel

    Target Practice

    Thank you! Never knew that - will definitely have to go there! Another thing I will have to try - thank you
  11. On the one hand I do see the appeal with being able to craft bullets, but on the other - I agree with @Wastelander I believe that bullets should be finite, something to use in the earlier game, but ultimately the player needs to develop new more primitive way of hunting to survive long term. I think the ethos of the game is very much geared to 'living off the land' using natural materials and natural processes to survive. Crafting of bows and arrows, Snares, curing, I feel that what the game could do with, is not the ability to craft bullets, but the ability to craft other weapons and traps from the land. Someone mentioned a spear in another thread, I have also mentioned digging traps in the seasons thread (imagine goading a bear - it charges you and falls into your death trap!) Slingshots for birds. I would like to see it go more primitive in terms of survival weapons. The way I see it is that the rifle is there to sustain you whilst you cure and craft your alternative weapons and not as a long term solution. That said, the beauty of this game is that everyone has a different playing style and approach to survival. With that in mind, you could use the good old argument - just because you can craft bullets, does not mean you have to. For some, it may fit with their playing style and for others should such a mechanism be implemented - they could choose not to utilise it
  12. beechel

    Sandbox Events

    Ohh, I really like these ideas - I echo what other people say about them being rare and random - that would be most fitting - I can just imagine living through the seasons -stockpiling food for the coming winter - going to my stockpile base to load up my sled and haul ass back to my winter base - and the place has been ransacked.... brilliant
  13. beechel

    Target Practice

    I think some of what I find confusing is watching past techniques that don't work now - for example, I found a wolf - decided to try the throwing the flare technique that I saw on a video - and that didn't work. I spent furious hours using LMB and RMB in hand to hand combat with wolves - only to find out that this was no longer the game mechanic. Frustrating as that was - its par for the course in game development and I understand that. Rifles are not much of an issue now, I am comfortable with the mechanics of the rifle - but need more practice on the mechanics of shooting a wolf with a rifle. Someone suggested dropping a decoy to give time to aim and fire in another thread - so I plan to try this. I certainly need to practice more with the bow and arrow, this is my fault though as I always view that as my reserve because of the limitation on amount of arrows - Im not at the point where I have made the run to the forge in any of my games and therefore I view any arrows as gold dust and don't fire them - silly really. I completely get the point about it being a harsh game, I suppose my point was more about somewhere to learn the mechanics more than anything. I think I occasionally find the use of a mouse for this game a bit awkward - which is silly as I don't feel that for other games, I am considering using a game controller instead (I think thats possible with this game) anyhow, either way I know that its trial and error and practice to find what works and get it nailed. Soon I will be shooting my bow in mystery lake and killing a deer in coastal highway
  14. Im pretty sure nettles do grow in canada - they also have fantastic antioxidant and analgesic properties - they could be added to the arsenal of 'healing tea's' and perhaps chamomile - could be another cure for Cabin Fever. Im from the UK, so yep we have lots of nettles here, I think I tried nettle soup many years ago although I can not for the life of me remember what it tasted like. It would be nice in the spring to see some harvestable things that are actually poisonous although Im not sure that would work because when you examine the item it tells you what it is - so you could easily identify whether it was deadly or not - I think in the roadmap there was something about developing knowledge base - perhaps there could be a book on foraging - what you can and can not eat and it was only after reading that you would be able to identify if somethings were poisonous or not.
  15. I think the adding of seasons because players are surviving for a long time is not such a bad thing... handled correctly, it could and should do exactly what you wish 'creating a more diverse and complex gameplay'. I have only been playing for a short amount of time compared with others, and as such I still have much exploring to do and experiences to have! However, when the subject of season's came up I was excited, the main reason being that I am so impressed with Hinterland so far, their aim is to create a truly unique game with a full and complex experience - I simply can not see them just chucking a few more seasons into the mix without putting as much thought and attention into them as they seem to have done to the game so far. I think the one struggle that I can see with the integration of the other seasons is that winter is the harshest season, as you start in winter - I would be disappointed if the others seemed like a holiday. The storyline of this occuring post geomagnetic storm could be integrated further into the gameplay - just a quick research shows that geomagnetic events affect crop growth - and different plants react differently - perhaps this could be woven in to the gameplay. I completely agree, that if you just have the same challenges and mechanics but a different season - it would be pretty pointless. I would like to see (for whatever reason) a depletion of certain wildlife in certain areas when there is an abundance of crops - to balance things out. Perhaps a toxicity in fish when the rain season hits... some real environmental impacts for the changes to the season - so that each season is its own battle and each is as hard as the next, I would not want to start in winter then feel like I am having a holiday for the rest of the seasons. What I would also love to see is further unpredictability, for example a change in spawn sites for the following year - so that even though you are familiar with the map and food sources for last year, you have to learn the new spawn sites for some items all over again next year - I am talking primarily animals here (and that could fit with your migration mechanic), however - mushrooms, rosehip bushes - they could have died off in their old site but grown somewhere new over the past year... saplings would probably stay the same. This would help to keep the freshness of the experience. I think that from what I have seen so far, Hinterland have excellent vision and an ability to turn that into gameplay reality - just as key they have excellent hearing! They do seem to listen to their players and integrate much of their recommendations into the game play, so I have high hopes for the seasons to come.