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  1. Why I can't wrap my hand (I think left, because right hand keep the knife) cloth/leather in order to wolf cling to this hand. Right hand can beat him. It's so easy and when I meet wolf first time - it was the first thing I thought.
  2. Problem is solved. I see in "output_log" that some files are damaged and reload them and all is work!
  3. Birds fly above this place, but there is no corpse.
  4. I have a crashes on Mystery lake. When I try go to mystery lake from ravine game crashes. When I try to start new sandbox on mystery lake game crashes too. Other locations are playable. In v302 everything is OK. Keep the logs, hope you help me and fix it. P.S. -force -d3d9 don't help. P.S.S. Sorry for my english.