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  1. Just a heads up to anyone loading an old save; clear out anything you have stored in fishing huts and dump it on the ice before updating. In my save, most of the fishing huts in CH have reset, but just the drawers and cabinets. Luckily I keep most of my stuff laying out on the shelves, but I would have lost over 30kg of meat if I hadn't checked and quit before the game had a chance to save. The far left fishing cabin nearest the water also resets since the interior is now completely different. So far nothing else seems to have reset, but I'll keep an eye out.
  2. Huh, I haven't looked recently. *launches Steam, checks stats* "You've played 419 hours" 0_0 *logs off internet, slowly closes laptop, contemplates meaning of life*
  3. Shoot, I already posted this in another spot in the test branch, my bad. @Support I experienced this again, same save, but with the regular bedroll. Are you still looking into this issue? Should I upload the save files still? Edit: I'm just going to upload them just in case. It's the most recently played save (should be 001) that's having the issue.
  4. FWIW, I have seen both of these in my most recent game too. The campground bear wanders through there, but his cave is closer to the cliffs I think. Those icicles have been like that as long as I can remember actually! It's funny cause you only notice them from a specific angle, and most of the time they look like they're hanging from the rock like they should.
  5. I agree. Fishing huts mostly float (some better than others!) but barring that, we could get the chance to haul them closer to shore if we want to save them for next season, just like in real life! Maybe any hut we don't save has some % risk of sinking?
  6. I'm in the process of constructing a new bed roll in that game now, so as soon as the old bear wanders into the fishing cabins again I'll be able to try to reproduce the issue. If I get a save that has the issue again, what all should I upload?
  7. This is one of my favorite threads! I was telling my husband the other day that I could tell I had been playing too much TLD when my first thought when I saw a nice sunset in real life was "hit F12"
  8. Oh, hey! This happened to me too! It was while I was messing around trying to figure out the cell reset bug. When the reset bug stopped (no idea why) the box was back to normal.
  9. I just tested this myself in a voyager game, and I got the same result. Left a bit of cured guts that was at 80% condition outside next to the rest of my stockpile and it did not decay at all after four in game days. It seems like only fresh hide and guts decay while you have them in your inventory and while they are curing. Cured hides don't seem to decay after all! That's a relief! So it seems like the ideal is to drop fresh hides to cure asap. The longer you carry them around with you the lower their condition will be once they do cure. For example, in voyager, guts seem to go through about 20% condition while curing, so as long as they're above 20% when you drop them, they should be fine.
  10. I did a similar experiment in a voyager game once the patch had been released, and I managed to contract it after three days of just eating enough cooked wolf meat to maintain a 9% risk. So it is random, and I just had bad luck and you had very 'good' luck! PS: I love reading your posts here! Thanks for putting in all of this time to share your experiences here
  11. Hello everybody! I'm new to these forums so I just wanted to pop in and introduce myself. I've been playing TLD since last Fall, and I've got over 300 hours logged on Steam, so I'm no veteran, but I'm no newbie either. Just new here! I am loving the Tireless Menace updates and I have many thoughts about it, so I decided to join the forums instead of just lurking like I had been. I look forward to getting to know everybody!
  12. I'll throw in another anecdote to the pile. My first new game after the update had the reset bug. I was at the farm house in PV. I went in and out several times, looking at the save folder periodically to see if I could pinpoint the issue. It looked like the scene files were not being generated for that save. I messed around with copying and pasting scenes to and from another save, and somehow it started working as intended and the cells no longer reset. I deleted that save and started another, this time at the gas station in CH and the cells did not reset at all, and the scenes folder is populating as expected. It has not happened for me since.
  13. I had been camping out in a fishing hut off and on using my bear skin bedroll in a 300+ day voyager game, when I noticed (after about four IRL hours of constant game play, no quitting and reloading the game, just pausing) that the bedroll's warmth bonus had suddenly dropped from 10 to 1. I picked it up to check and it was at 12% condition when it had been almost 80% last time I had checked a few in game days earlier. I rushed back to my main camp and used my spare bear hide to repair the bedroll up to about 60% then sat it, rolled up, on the foot of the bed. I went out to harvest some firewood and such, and when I came back a few in game hours later, it had dropped to 4%! I hadn't even been using it I took a screen shot, but it probably isn't very helpful. I've tried to reproduce the issue so I could get more useful data, but so far it hasn't happened again in any of my saves. Has anyone else experienced something like this?
  14. For what it's worth, I have a stock pile of hides and guts in an old save that are not decaying at all, even when left in a pile outside. It could be on purpose to keep players from doing what I did, or to encourage more frequent hunting to keep clothing repaired, but it seems quick for deliberate decay. Luckily, it is not affecting hides retroactively right now.