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  1. All the secrets and the keys, it was the old world. Now it's our world and we rule it. Now tell what is in the box... ehm I mean tell what's going on with the list.
  2. That's actually good. I like the idea with the virus.
  3. I would like to see Jerry on the good side, because th is a trapper's cabin is one of my favorite places in the whole game. I think he tried to help Will and motivated him to learn new things, so he could survive.
  4. Does someone found some new hints or interesting details?
  5. Funny is how far Astrid could get "alone". For me it was suspicious, when Jeremiah talked about the passenger and said she.
  6. Ahhh.. didn't saw it. Maybe he is one from the list. You saw his number?
  7. Maybe he's working together with this dude in the Carter dam? I think he used the radio to inform the guy.
  8. Samski


    It would be funny if we could find an May the 4th easter egg in the game. Like a calendar in the game somewhere or something similar.
  9. Samski


    Oh damn it. Don't behave like a little 5 year old kid.
  10. Samski


    There are two sides. The developers and the community. And both sides should work properly. When everyone get the idea, that bashing is great because they feel mad and disappointed and should review the game now, please stop being dorks.
  11. Samski


    Meh, I don't think so. Okay the countdown was pretty hyping, but the rest is great. Please continue this way you made the game. I am not a programmer or artist but I can understand how much work and effort you have to invest to make something like that. @Raphael van Lierop @Patrick Carlson
  12. Samski


    I think we should wait till end of may and don't bitch around. Yeah I know, I am disappointed too, we should not be this way and let the developers do their job. I am pretty sure that Raphael won't start another countdown again, so keep calm and loot some stuff till August. Calm down and support the development is the best thing we can do.
  13. Wir werden heute nichts machen.... Steam gestartet, warte auf update,....kommt nichts. Starte Website: "Oh ein Trailer". Starte Trailer.... Schließe Steam und lease r/thelongdark in Ruhe weiter.... Trolling à la cart...
  14. Guys what's the problem? When the map was released I visited it. Found almost everything there but didn't break in.