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  1. Thanks for your answer, I will wait for the rifle then
  2. Hello everybody, I haven´t played for quite a while now but the release of episode 3 made me return :) Unfortunately, I have never finished the 2nd episode so far (sandbox player here, hehe) so I started my 2nd episode save (redux) and played a little. As I like to complete everything I also want to finish the side quests. But currently I don´t know how to finish the survival training. Is this possible in episode 2? I managed to catch some fish, caught a rabbit with a snare and wrestled down the wolves in the three areas. But I don´t know how I´m supposed to kill a deer? I cannot craft a bow and I haven´t found a rifle on any of the maps. Do I have to go on to episode 3 or is there a way to finish this side quest in episode 2? Any help is appreciated! Thanks in advance and stay alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Huhu! Man kann die Bücher tatsächlich nicht lesen. Muss man aber auch nicht, weil man im Story Mode keine Skills leveln kann. Die Bücher schalten allerdings Nebenquests frei. Schau mal in der Questübersicht. Dort sollte neben der Hauptquest ein zweiter Reiter sein. Wenn du auf den klickst, werden dir die entsprechenden Nebenquests angezeigt. Wenn du das Erste-Hilfe-Buch findest, erhältst du z.B. die Nebenquest, 3 Hagebuttentees, 3 Lackporlingtees und 3 Bartflechtenverbände zu erstellen.
  4. Yaki


    Danke für die ausführliche Antwort! Ich starte bald einen neuen Versuch - beim letzten Mal habe ich mich am Berg verlaufen und bin dann von einem Bären gefressen worden.
  5. Yaki


    So, ich probiere gerade diese Herausforderung und - was soll ich sagen - unter 24 Stunden? WOW Nach 24 Stunden saß ich noch im Damm Ich habe jetzt noch 2,5 Tage übrig und bin am Wolfsberg. Allerdings bezweifle ich, dass ich es nach oben schaffe, da war ich nämlich noch nie, hehe. Magst du mir mal kurz schreiben, wo du langläufst? Das würde mich interessieren.
  6. I also really enjoyed the event and I´d be happy if there were more. I especially liked the multiplayer feeling. The high activity in the forums as we all went through the same challenges in our games was great. It was really fun to read and participate and I think TLD has a pretty nice community. The idea to give the players only four days resulted in some different playstyles. You didn´t have to keep your hatchet and save bullets, for example. This gave some interesting new opportunities. I would also appreciate if you added more challenges in general. So thank you for three great event days - number 4 could be twisted a little - and I´m looking forward to the next event!
  7. Yaki

    DAY 4 (spoilers)

    That´s exactly what I thought. I´m sitting in the dam and wait. Really boring.
  8. Yaki

    DAY 3 (spoilers)

    So I´m back with another char. Starting on day three is really, really tough - might be a challenge for the really skilled TLD players out there Which might be interesting to other people who have to restart: There seems to be a grace period for new chars. I went to Coastal Town for loot and there were no wolves. I saw the first wolf after 40 minutes of playing. This seems pretty well balanced so you can get at least some loot. From then on the wolf population seems to increase slowly but steadily. But I found the flashlight this time. I hope, I´m gonna make it through the last 30 minutes, hehe.
  9. Yaki

    DAY 3 (spoilers)

    I had my stuff in the two lockers in the first room and I had no issues with fire when I got them. But I just went in, took my belongings and got out again. Good luck!
  10. Yaki

    DAY 3 (spoilers)

    I´m out, the wolves ate my toon. I started at the trailer in front of the dam, decided to try my luck and move to trapper´s. I shot two aurora wolves on my way to the three trailers in the logging area. Afterwards I climbed up the hill behind the trailers. The night was clear and I saw many wolves down in the log area. There was howling everywhere! When I turned around to look for a safe way to get down, suddenly two aurora wolves appeared behind the trees. I tried to shoot but I was too slow. The first wolf simply killed me. That beast wouldn´t let go.... Good luck to all who are still in the race for the second badge!
  11. Yaki

    DAY 2 (spoilers)

    From the Steam forums. So hibernating might not work
  12. Yaki

    Day 1 (SPOILERS)

    Okay so I made my second day and got the badge - yeah! As I killed my first toon yesterday by slipping off the ravine I had to restart and managed to find both pumpkins in CH and to gather some basic supply from the buildings. I stored my supplies at the fishing huts which was actually a good choice as I did not encounter any wolves at all. So I waited for some clear night sky to head to the small hut at the camping ground, idled a bit in the woods and finally decided to try the ravine again. Lucky me I got still no wolves. I heard some howling but there were no predators on my way. This time I walked veeeeery carefully and made it There were no wolves in the ravine btw. So if you´re looking for some easy place to stay.... Having arived in ML I thoroughly searched the dam and spent some time on reading and sewing. The only wolf I saw was when I left the dam afterwards. But the wolf didn´t notice me and just went on. I then decided to stop for today as I wanna try for the second bagde. The only sad thing is that I left my flashlight in CH. But I´ve got a rifle, plenty of ammo and severeal flares so that I might survive tomorrow. Good luck for all!
  13. Yaki

    Day 1 (SPOILERS)

    And I killed my first event char by dropping off the ravine...sigh. This hasn´t happened to me for years! But lucky me - I´ve got some hours left to prepare for day 2. So I´ll go again
  14. Yaki


    Es ist interessant, wie unterschiedlich man das Spiel spielen kann. Es freut mich, dass dir diese Herausforderung so viel Spaß macht! Ich muss die auch irgendwann mal machen. Ich spiele immer mal wieder und habe dann längere Pausen. Aktuell spiele ich die Sandbox auf Stalker (vorher Voyager) und finde es toll, wie anders sich das Spiel plötzlich spielt.
  15. Yaki


    Ich wüsste gar nicht, dass es da Rekorde gibt. Wenn du das überhaupt geschafft hast, gehörst du wahrscheinlich schonzu einem ziemlich elitären Kreis Ich habe - wie wahrscheinlich die meisten Spieler - diese Herausforderung noch gar nicht abgeschlossen.