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  1. I wish you and every TLD player good wishes. Its a great game..........................................................
  2. Did I deserve to be banned or warned?
  3. Yeah, they want to allow\disallow my comments to make me seem like a crazy idiot.
  4. People have a right to their opinion.
  5. They seem to want to control conversations in chat.
  6. What, i only got banned once for that?
  7. Is it not about money? Who are you joking? The developer would have you believe that its all about IP rights Since we already proved that form Milton Mailbag #32. Just admit that this thing as about money. Clearly it has nothing to do with IP control since you left it open for months on end;. Admit it has everything to do with money and ppl will partially understand. This might be the worst customer PR i have ever witnessed.
  8. Yeah it is sad. The need for money is blinding though. They could have literally asked for any sort of money from the community and it would have been provided. Its just such a terrible look for the company.
  9. They had control over their intellectual property and everyone knows it.. How many times must I refer to Milton Mailbag #32 They only pulled out when the service went live. If Hinterland just admitted it was about money they could have avoided at tiny fraction of the the consumer displeasure.
  10. This is exactly why people have a problem. They don't want Hinterland interfering in every gaming decision they make. Where is the line? Hinterland decides what sort of PC we play on now? This sort of thing sets a bad precedent. If Hinterland wants or needs money, just ask, I am sure the community would have provided.
  11. For anyone, lets go over why Hinterland pulled the game?
  12. Tell me,; Is this pride over not being asked or is it just blatantly anti-consumer?
  13. @jeffpeng So you wouldn't even see this as an anti-consumer thing by the dev? I get your legalities, because I felt Hinterland had every right to pull the game from the service. What is the problem. Was it money or pride in your humble opinion? Customers don't seem to care, so feel free.
  14. I don't expect to sway you. I am only telling you what the Creative Director, says and how some community members feel about it. If you think the Developer is in the right, continue to support them. If you think you have the right to play where and when you want. then support consumer rights. The fact is: People using GeforeNow have already paid for the game.
  15. Consumer rights are at the heart of this issue. Hinterland would like to dictate what hardware you play your game on, because Nvidia is doing nothing but renting you a PC. Valve\Steam doesn't seem to have a problem with it, because Nvidia isn't selling any games. When you want to play a game Nvidia makes you buy the game from Steam. Nobody loses. Nvidia rents hardware to stream a game to your device. Steam sells the game which developers get a percent based on their Steam contract. Gamers pay Nvidia to rent their hardware so they can stream a game to a screen of their choosing.