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  1. If they feel cooking level 5 should allow you to eat %1 with no repercussions, fine. But once it hits 0% it should be unusable as anything other than a decoy. When your clothes hit 0% can you repair them? No, same for many other things. Why should food be any different? And yes the cutting meat into strips to reach level 5 cooking is something that should be fixed IMHO. He has already said they have no real intention to change that and frankly I don't much care. It does seem like a great workaround to preserve food in some way like smoking or drying, but I think we can agree Hinterland is never gonna do that. The simple fix is to make food an actual perishable resource as food is and the % points would suggest.
  2. Hi, What is the point of having food degrade if you can just eat 0% food once you have level 5 cooking? Are you ever going to change level 5 cooking to something slightly more realistic other than being able to eat 2 year old rotten meat with no repercussions? Thanks
  3. Is there any way for me to roll this update back? I can't play with this annoying delay on picking up items.
  4. Hmm, I will have to try that. I continued on down to the cabin where Jeremiah seemed to be dead on the bed. I took his rifle ammo and supplies and continued on. I guess I am really screwed now. Well that worked for me as well. I guess he isn't dead anymore and I won't get his rifle.
  5. Don't feel bad. I have been wandering Milton for the last 2 hours trying to figure out what I am missing. I also found 3 but have yet to locate another one. The quest is still open for me as well.
  6. Wade

    Episode 3

    So much for your guess. I still think it will be late May or early June for Episode three.
  7. I am starting to feel bad when I look in the wish list section. So many wish list items that are already accessible via mods. Transfer lantern fuel, binoculars, alcohol, etc, etc. and the list goes on. Nice game, but desperately needs official mod support.
  8. Umm, pretty sure you just admitted to copyright infringement on the official forum of the company in which you are infringing. Nice work. I Hope you don't live in the United States. The point being: you bought your copy from steam. You are now downloading and using someone else's copy and in the process are also a part of the sharing process, which is copyright infringement. At the very least you should probably read the forum guidelines and understand that any sort of talk about pirating software could get you banned from this forum, whether you own a legal copy or not. "Any discussion of piracy will result in a permanent ban from the Hinterland Community "
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  10. Absolutely that is what the wishlist is for! In fact its a great idea IMHO, if it is an optional choice. Bring on some more great ideas.
  11. Great work! Admitting your TLD problem is the first step.
  12. Don't burn down my favorite shelters please. If you don't like the shelters, go live in a cave. Use some will power and just avoid the bigger shelters if they bother you so much. Nobody makes you use them. Some of us enjoy using those shelters!
  13. Wade

    Community Made Maps

    It was a question, not a statement. Hence the ?
  14. Wade


    Thank you for answering my question. This is the perfect example of why custom difficulty was added. So that each person could tailor the "experience" more to their liking. I love Permadeath, but I can understand why others would prefer to play without it. What I don't want to see is Hinterland getting too wrapped up in worrying about the micromanagement of settings. Isn't that something that mods should be for?
  15. That is an amazing idea!!!! Now go make a list of the things you would like to see in the game, then sit down and ask yourself when you think those things will be implemented into the game. Hmm, my guess is some of the things on your list will probably never make it into the game.