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  1. Same 4DON, what a bummer. I was really looking forward to that event.
  2. Wade


    Just ignore that. Obviously I wasn't supposed to express any sort of valid thought.
  3. Wade


    Like comment on every single forum topic multiple times. Yes, I guess they will.
  4. Wade


    No mention of 4DON. Bummer. That is one of the few challenges I actually enjoy.
  5. Thanks for asking that question @MueckE I am sure that one has been on plenty of peoples minds.
  6. Hard to believe its been almost 2 years since I begged for this.
  7. A sprain system which discourages exploration in an exploration based game. Being able to eat ruined food. Not being able to see with all that breath in my face. Not being able to remove those eyesores of campfires. Not being able to read with intestinal parasites. Not being able to clean up garbage inside homes. Most all of which can be fixed with "unsupported mods", so not supporting mods.
  8. The prolonged wait and silence between updates.
  9. Wade

    Tipi (teepee)

    This game has too few crafting options. To balance it, require it to take quite a bit of wood, pelts, gut, and extensive time to construct. Then make it so it has to be torn down and transported in multiple pieces in order to be moved. Just give us more options to craft and something to do besides exist in a shack somewhere. Just isn't much to do late game. More things to craft is needed and a crafting skill so that you have to become skilled enough to craft something such as a Tipi.
  10. Wade

    Salt & Jerky

    I particularly like this idea because this game severely lacks crafting options. Not only would I love to be able to cure meat using salt from the ocean I had boiled down, but I would also like to be able to craft something like a smoker. Give me a reason to go chop some wood, tie it together with cured gut or fishing line and wrap it in dampened cloth or vastly available pelts.
  11. I would just like to see some recipes which required you to have a more balanced diet. Add an affliction such as something similar to scurvy or whatever you want to call it. Lets be honest, after a while all you are eating is steaks. If it means adding a couple more edibles or something you can cultivate indoors to put in a stew that would be great. The cooking just needs more recipes and a reason to make them. Realistically I would just like to see an affliction for eating nothing but meat for 300 days and adding that requires you to have other edibles or save your canned goods. The canned goods should last longer as well. If not edibles, then add a few more canned goods like preserves or something. Just eating nothing but meat the whole time you play bothers me. Protein poisoning is real.
  12. If they feel cooking level 5 should allow you to eat %1 with no repercussions, fine. But once it hits 0% it should be unusable as anything other than a decoy. When your clothes hit 0% can you repair them? No, same for many other things. Why should food be any different? And yes the cutting meat into strips to reach level 5 cooking is something that should be fixed IMHO. He has already said they have no real intention to change that and frankly I don't much care. It does seem like a great workaround to preserve food in some way like smoking or drying, but I think we can agree Hinterland is never gonna do that. The simple fix is to make food an actual perishable resource as food is and the % points would suggest.
  13. Hi, What is the point of having food degrade if you can just eat 0% food once you have level 5 cooking? Are you ever going to change level 5 cooking to something slightly more realistic other than being able to eat 2 year old rotten meat with no repercussions? Thanks
  14. Is there any way for me to roll this update back? I can't play with this annoying delay on picking up items.
  15. Hmm, I will have to try that. I continued on down to the cabin where Jeremiah seemed to be dead on the bed. I took his rifle ammo and supplies and continued on. I guess I am really screwed now. Well that worked for me as well. I guess he isn't dead anymore and I won't get his rifle.