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  1. 1.50 has just gone live on xbox here in the UK
  2. I'm also having problems with rifle accuracy. Many missed shots that before the update would have been a given. The one Deer was a nearly on the end of the barrel. Rifle accuracy feels like it's RNG based at the moment.
  3. I have found the opposite. Just played eight hours straight IRL time for one sprain & I had to force the situation to test the new mechanic. As soon as the icon appears I back off the walking pace & slow down. Before The update I would of experienced far more sprains.
  4. Copy & paste LonelySurvivor as I also agree. The radial looks fine but yeah not a big fan of those bottom things either. Game is to beautiful to clutter with icons Thanks Fluffy23 for pointing me here
  5. The up coming new features will be a great addition to the game & i'm really looking forward to it. The one thing I'm not to keen on is the extra icons at the middle bottom of the screen. I think what we have now is more aesthetic. Hopefully they flag up when there is an issue & be invisible the rest of the time. This game is to beautiful to clutter with icons.
  6. It was obvious what the community was expecting from this countdown. a simple " It's a big update, but not downloadable" would have saved a lot of upset. Then none of us get it right all of the time,
  7. Hi Raphael The PC will get the test branch end of may early june. If that lasts 2-4 weeks of testing then it would only leave about 4 weeks for full release. With MS cert etc, will the xbox players get the sandbox update or will we have to wait until the full release in August. Thanks
  8. Dev's playing the players! Not the smartest PR move. When you say "Test Branch" does that mean PC & us Xbox players will have to wait another 2-4 weeks before we get the sandbox update?
  9. First ime I have used snow shelter today & I'm having the same issue. Plesant valley From inside Fom outside
  10. If the release the sandbox update this week, it would give then time to iron out out any wrinkles in any new game mechanics before story mode release. Just my thoughts of course.
  11. Same here, but on the odd occasion it works first time. (Xbox)
  12. Getting the same thing myself.
  13. Experiencing the same thing as GorillaDust in PV farm house.
  14. I have just been attacked by a Wolf after stabbing it and watching it die. It was nearly dark so I returned next morning & no corpse. I then chased a Deer into a Wolf then rested for an hour & the Deer corpse had disappeared. This is also at coastal highway.